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  • Interesting Turtle Facts
    Turtles are fascinating creatures that have long populated Earth. With their slow and peaceful lifestyles, turtles make for beautiful sights to behold; yet life for these iconic reptiles does not go without its challenges. Read on to discover some of the most… Read more: Interesting Turtle Facts
  • Fun Facts About China
    China is an ancient nation with a fascinating past and fascinating traditions. Once considered closed off from international affairs, today it stands among one of the world’s most powerful nations. China is home to some truly incredible cuisine, stunning landscapes and unique… Read more: Fun Facts About China
  • Ultrasound Machine Price in Pakistan
    Ultrasound machines work much like cameras to produce images inside of the body that doctors can use to diagnose conditions. Prices of ultrasound machines depend on factors like their type, model and additional probes; additionally you should factor in costs like maintenance… Read more: Ultrasound Machine Price in Pakistan
  • The Planets Closest to Earth Right Now
    On March 7 and 8, morning twilight will bring with it a thin crescent moon floating near bright Venus and dim Mars as morning twilight arrives – binoculars may help you spot these two planets low in the east about one hour… Read more: The Planets Closest to Earth Right Now
  • The Apollo Missions to the Moon
    The Apollo program, which ran from 1961 to 1972, reached its pinnacle on July 20, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the Moon. Their decisions regarding approach, technology, organisation and funding had an outsized… Read more: The Apollo Missions to the Moon
  • 10 Fun Facts For Tigers
    Tigers may appear scary at first glance, but there’s much more to them than meets the eye. From their unique stripe patterns to their thunderous roar, tigers are truly magnificent creatures. These cats don’t always appear orange; some can even be white!… Read more: 10 Fun Facts For Tigers
  • Fun Facts About Argentina
    Argentina was one of the richest nations on earth in the early 20th Century. Back then, its per capita income exceeded both France and Germany as well as Italy and Spain. Soccer may be Argentina’s favorite pastime, but their national sport el… Read more: Fun Facts About Argentina
  • Why is the Sky So Blue Today?
    Skys that change color from deep blue near the horizon to white near it are often due to dust or suspended water particles in the air, or indicate higher humidity. As sunlight travels through our atmosphere, it interacts with air molecules which… Read more: Why is the Sky So Blue Today?
  • 10 Mind-Blowing Rabbit Facts
    Rabbits are highly social and curious creatures, often bonding closely with their owners. Omnivorous in diet, rabbits have long ears with never-ending earspread, never-stopping teeth growth, and can jump quite high. They have excellent vision and can see 360 degrees, although they… Read more: 10 Mind-Blowing Rabbit Facts
  • How Mercury Gets Into Water
    Mercury released into the air from coal-fired power plants, burning household waste or mining ore deposits can reach soil and water resources where bacterial processes may transform it into organic mercury-methylmercury forms. Methylmercury travels up the food chain, poisoning fish and wildlife… Read more: How Mercury Gets Into Water
  • Spacecraft Fifth Wheel For Sale
    Space Craft Manufacturing of west-central Missouri creates custom trailers tailored specifically for weight and price constraints – almost anything is possible according to their website! Marsha and Wyatt Trautman originally focused their expertise in building large trailers for performing artists and circuses,… Read more: Spacecraft Fifth Wheel For Sale
  • Why Blue Sky?
    Bluesky is a social network similar to Twitter but not owned by Elon Musk. Despite still being in its early stage of development, Bluesky boasts a substantial user base. Air particles in our atmosphere are smaller than the wavelengths of light, meaning… Read more: Why Blue Sky?
  • The Apollo Missions Dates
    President Kennedy issued an ambitious challenge for Americans to reach the moon by 1961 and place two men on its surface. NASA achieved this goal in July 1969 when Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became the first people ever to step… Read more: The Apollo Missions Dates
  • Facts About the Ocean For Preschoolers
    Oceans help maintain our global climate by storing heat and moving water across its expanse, and they serve as home for numerous ecosystems. Ocean animals include sea mammals (whales, dolphins, otters, seals and sea lions), marine reptiles such as sea turtles and… Read more: Facts About the Ocean For Preschoolers
  • Why is the Sky Blue?
    At noontime, the sky appears blue due to molecules in the atmosphere scattering blue light more efficiently than red. At sunrise and sunset, however, its color changes to red due to light having made its journey through an extended path through our… Read more: Why is the Sky Blue?
  • Spacecraft Missions
    Spacecraft missions involve journeys by uncrewed spacecraft or robots to explore distant planets, moons, or objects within our Solar System. For instance, NASA Galileo provided evidence of liquid water on Jupiter’s moon Europa before being sent careening into Saturn’s atmosphere to prevent… Read more: Spacecraft Missions
  • Fun Bunny Facts That Will Make You Smile
    Are you an animal enthusiast who adores rabbits? These fun facts about them will surely put a smile on your face! Rabbits possess dual eyes on both sides of their heads, giving them near 360-degree vision. Rabbits are prey animals in the… Read more: Fun Bunny Facts That Will Make You Smile
  • Spacecraft Propulsion
    Spacecraft propulsion refers to how a space vehicle achieves forward movement. As there is no medium in space such as air, wings and fins are ineffective at maneuverability; electric thrusters may provide assistance instead. A rocket propels itself by pushing on the… Read more: Spacecraft Propulsion
  • Spacecraft Landing on Mars
    After making its journey across Mars’ harsh atmosphere, a spacecraft successfully arrives at its destination and sends back information on its weather and geology. Curiosity has found evidence of long-lived, potentially habitable conditions in Gale crater on Mars and discovered minerals typically… Read more: Spacecraft Landing on Mars
  • Spacecraft Model Kits
    Those interested in spacecraft model kits have several places they can shop. Revell offers historical spacecraft like the Block 1 Command Service Module and Lunar Module which flew to the Moon. Other models available are Voyager 1 & 2, outer solar system… Read more: Spacecraft Model Kits
  • Fact About North America
    North America attracts tourists from around the globe. Home to famed theme parks and natural wonders, its wide variety of musical genres and diverse culture make North America an eye-catching travel destination. At third in terms of population, Africa is also the… Read more: Fact About North America
  • Facts About Extreme Weather
    NIEHS provides information about many extreme weather events and conditions, such as heat waves which pose serious threats to health by dehydrating you quickly and inhibiting your ability to cool yourself off naturally. Global warming is increasing the risk of extreme weather… Read more: Facts About Extreme Weather
  • Mars (Ares in Greek) – The Roman God of War
    Mars (Ares in Greek), the Roman god of war, is said to have been created from Juno and Jupiter, becoming his son and giving rise to Romulus and Remus – who later founded Rome. March is named in his honor. Egyptians were… Read more: Mars (Ares in Greek) – The Roman God of War
  • Spacecraft Beanie
    No matter where your adventures may lead you this beanie will take your intergalactic style to new heights. Crafted with super soft fleece material for maximum comfort it is ready for anything winter has in store for you. Spacecraft Collective of Seattle… Read more: Spacecraft Beanie
  • Cats Memory Game
    Cat lovers of all ages will adore this purr-fectly entertaining deck of memory cards featuring illustrations of 30 cats from around the globe – perfect for honing recall and observation skills! Match each costumed cat with its fur-mily companion in this feline-tastic… Read more: Cats Memory Game
  • Fun Facts About Japan
    Japan is an incredible Eastern Asian nation, boasting bustling cities and tranquil villages alike. From its unique cuisine to its mysterious customs, Japan has so much to offer its visitors! You may discover so much fun factoids about it here! Did you… Read more: Fun Facts About Japan
  • A Caterpillar Life Cycle Explained
    Caterpillars have evolved as “eating machines”, so their body grows quickly – sometimes doubling in size within days! At times their skins stretch to accommodate further expansion; once this point has been reached they must shed their old cuticles to continue growing.… Read more: A Caterpillar Life Cycle Explained
  • The Computer Power That Made the Apollo Mission Possible
    No doubt modern smartphones are far more powerful than the computers used on Apollo missions, yet such comparisons underplay the amazing technology employed by NASA during these missions to get us there. MIT-designed Apollo Guidance Computer was crashproof, operating according to a… Read more: The Computer Power That Made the Apollo Mission Possible
  • Apollo 11 Quizlet
    Apollo 11 was an historic United States spaceflight which successfully sent humans to land on the moon. This mission marked an achievement in their national mission of outpacing Soviet Russia in space exploration. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history when they… Read more: Apollo 11 Quizlet
  • New Planet Closest to Earth Found
    Scientists have recently discovered an exoplanet which lies closer to Earth than ever before – within just four light-years and within its star’s habitable zone, where liquid water could potentially exist on its surface. Planet 95% the size of our own Earth… Read more: New Planet Closest to Earth Found
  • Fun Facts About Germany
    Germany is an attractive choice for postgraduate students, as this fascinating country hosts some unique characteristics you might be surprised to learn of! There may also be surprises you didn’t anticipate here! Reutlingen boasts the world’s narrowest street. Additionally, Germans are famous… Read more: Fun Facts About Germany
  • Interesting Fact About Cuba
    Cuba is known for having an authoritarian government which controls many aspects of its economy, with benefits like universal healthcare and education provided through this centralized system. Cuba offers more than its iconic landmarks alone! Here are a few interesting facts that… Read more: Interesting Fact About Cuba
  • Fun Facts About Australia
    Australia is an amazing country, boasting beautiful beaches, summer vibes and an exceptional standard of living – not to mention some of the cutest and deadliest animals imaginable! But did you know it also has some of these species as residents? Are… Read more: Fun Facts About Australia
  • Sir James Jeans – Why the Sky is Blue
    Sir James Jeans was a British physicist and astronomer known for his popular science books. His talent lay in translating difficult scientific subjects into easily understandable language for popular readers. The sky appears blue because shorter wavelengths like violet and blue light… Read more: Sir James Jeans – Why the Sky is Blue
  • Is Mercury in Retrograde Today?
    Mercury governs communication, and approximately three to four times every year it appears to move backwards – this phenomenon is known as Mercury Retrograde periods. Mercury Retrograde spans nine weeks and runs between Sagittarius and Capricorn, creating an alternating back-and-forth motion, offering… Read more: Is Mercury in Retrograde Today?
  • How Does Spacecraft Reentry Work?
    Spacecraft that are no longer needed for planetary exploration can either be reused for another mission, or returned back towards Earth in an effort to burn up on their descent and avoid spreading debris into space. It is an effective way of… Read more: How Does Spacecraft Reentry Work?
  • The Apollo 17 Mission
    On the third EVA, Cernan and Schmitt drove to Van Serg crater where they collected house-sized rock, took gravimeter readings, deployed more experiments, but ran out of both water and oxygen and had to retreat back to LM. Once inside, they relaxed.… Read more: The Apollo 17 Mission
  • Saturn Losing Its Rings
    Imagine our solar system without Saturn and her spectacular rings; but unfortunately they won’t last forever. Studies conducted over the past three years show that Saturn’s iconic rings are rapidly disappearing into its core at an astonishingly rapid rate – enough water… Read more: Saturn Losing Its Rings
  • Why is the Sky Blue in English?
    As early as 1500, Leonardo da Vinci attempted to understand why the sky was blue. He kept a notebook that documented sunlight passing through wood smoke, and appears to have grasped light scattering phenomena. The sky appears blue because shorter blue wavelengths… Read more: Why is the Sky Blue in English?
  • Spacecraft Crash Risks
    Dead satellites and rocket bodies that linger in low Earth orbit can present risks of collision to active satellites. As the ship flies around a planet to use gravity as an aid, something goes awry, deviating from its intended path and striking… Read more: Spacecraft Crash Risks

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