What Does a Cheetah Eat?

Cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) are among the most enthralling big cats of Africa. These elegant predators feature yellow or tan short coarse fur with solid black spots, small heads with high-set eyes, teardrop-shaped facial streaks and tear-like patches along their cheeks. Hunters in open savannah or grassland habitat hunt by day, using their incredible speed to […]

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What Do Starfish Eat?

Many starfish species sold as pet fish are omnivorous scavengers; however, some species can also act as predators of coral polyps and fish! Starfish probe their prey with their arms before enveloping it in their bodies. Once inside, their stomachs protrude through their mouths to release acid that dissolves the inedible shells and operculum before

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What Does a Sea Turtle Eat?

Sea turtles must dive to considerable depths in search of food, yet their bodies are designed so as not to trap harmful gases during descent. Diets of turtle species vary significantly. Hawksbills live in coral reef environments and are carnivorous eaters of sponges; green turtle hatchlings consume both sea grasses and algae for sustenance. Leatherbacks

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What Does a Cheetah Eat?

Cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus), like other wild animals, must fight for survival. Cheetahs hunt by sight from high points such as termite mounds or kopjes (small rocky hills). Predators feed on various antelope species, including Thomson’s gazelle and Grant’s gazelle as well as hares and birds. When encountering people, attacks will only occur out of self-defense.

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What Does Sea Turtle Eat?

Each sea turtle species has a specific diet depending on its habitat and available food sources, with different-shaped jaws to efficiently consume their favorite dishes. Green sea turtles feature finely serrated beaks to scrape algae off rocks and feed on seagrasses; hatchlings of these turtles are omnivorous. Hawksbills feature bird-like beaks for accessing cracks in

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