Cool China Facts

China is an amazing land to explore with its vast landscape, long history, and vibrant traditions – there’s so much to take in that it may be hard to keep up! But China provides plenty of wonders for anyone willing to venture forth! With so much on the horizon it can be hard to keep […]

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Interesting Fact About the Great Wall of China

One of the most striking characteristics of China’s Great Wall is that it doesn’t consist of one continuous wall; rather, it consists of several interconnecting walls and trenches across northern Chinese territory. Builders employed conventional building materials like earth and stone, but also employed an unexpected ingredient: sticky rice! This glutinous grain was an integral

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Fun Facts About China

China is an ancient nation with a fascinating past and fascinating traditions. Once considered closed off from international affairs, today it stands among one of the world’s most powerful nations. China is home to some truly incredible cuisine, stunning landscapes and unique cultures; here are some amazing facts about it that you may not know:

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Fun Facts For China

China is an expansive nation boasting breathtaking nature and intriguing customs. Read these fun facts about china to gain more insight into this amazing nation! Chopsticks were originally invented for cooking rather than for eating. Ketchup has its roots in China as a pickled fish sauce known as ke-tsiap; all pandas you see at zoos

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Fact About China

China is one of the world’s most fascinating nations with an ancient past and diverse culture, boasting some of the oldest traditions on Earth and experiencing rapid development at an astounding rate. China is home to fascinating facts like: paper was first invented there; half of all world pigs live there and its railway lines

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