Fun Facts About Egypt

Egyptians created many things still used today, such as medicine, musical instruments, paper, pens, locks and keys, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages and board games. Cats were popular creatures as it is said most households owned one! Egyptian men and women wore makeup not simply to beautify themselves but because it believed that it held healing powers. […]

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Fun Facts on Egypt

Egypt is best-known for its ancient pyramids and temples, Nile River cruises and bustling cities; however, Egypt also features vast landscapes filled with vibrant wildlife that boast an incredible diversity of life forms. Your may have heard that Napoleon used a cannon to blow away the nose of the Sphinx out of frustration that there

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Cool Facts About Egypt

Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations on Earth and its rich history has left an indelible mark on humanity. Discover more about this fascinating nation with these fun facts about egypt. Ancient Egyptians believed that preserving their bodies would grant them immortality and allow them to meet their gods in the afterlife, hence why

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Fun Facts About Egypt

Egypt is home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and an increasingly popular travel destination, but did you know it also has many surprising facts? Ancient Egyptians enjoyed playing board games. One such popular Senet variant, similar to knucklebones and snakes and ladders, was even used as burial remains by Pharaohs for afterlife

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