Spacecraft Names – Culture, Heroes, Values and Priorities

Fraser: The Planetary Society and JAXA recently collected names for their Hayabusa2 mission to asteroid Ryugu. These will be inscribed onto target markers dropped by the spacecraft, returning home when Hayabusa2 makes landfall. How and what do spacecraft names mean to us? Theme Names given to spacecraft typically reflect their creators’ culture, heroes and values; […]

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Names For Horses – How to Choose the Right One For Your Horse!

Naming horses can be an overwhelming task. We have some helpful suggestions to make finding the perfect name easier! DreamWorks artists scoured real-life mustangs in search of inspiration for Spirit, an animated character they had created. Kiger quickly won hearts for both his beauty and strength. Isolde Isolde is an alluring Celtic name that symbolizes

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Spacecraft Names

Space names carry an intriguing history. They can evoke emotions or subvert convention. Names can capture the culture, values, heroes and priorities of a society and its space program. Names give meaning and bring reality to a groundbreaking scientific project; for instance a mission named Lanyue can evoke feelings of excitement at revisiting the moon

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NASA’s Spacecraft Names Are As Powerful As Their Missions

NASA spacecraft names are as symbolic as their missions are effective. While NASA follows certain guidelines when selecting mission names, creativity can still come into play here. Motherboard reports that the process for naming began in the early ’60s with the creation of the Project Designation Committee. Voyager NASA originally designed two spacecraft as part

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Spacecraft Names

Astronauts had a tradition of giving astronauts the opportunity to name spacecraft beginning with Gemini program spaceships and ending with Skylab station missions. Now, NASA’s craft are named by a committee, although their names must still evoke an air of poetic profundity. A spacecraft is a type of spacecraft. Spacecraft are vehicles or vessels specifically

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Spacecraft Names

Names for interplanetary vehicles can be as unique as their designs. Sometimes, such as with Sojourner Truth rover honoring an American civil rights pioneer, names are chosen through competition. NASA has long had a tradition for selecting names for spacecraft since the early 1960s. Spaceship names often draw inspiration from ancient deities or ships of

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