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The Nile River Facts

The Nile River creates a fertile valley across much of Egypt’s otherwise dry country, providing farmers with water to cultivate crops while serving as an essential source of drinking water for people, livestock and papermaking papyrus reeds. The Nile has various sources. It begins at Lake Plateau region in East Africa’s Kagera River and flows …

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The Life Cycle of a Plant

Plants go through various stages to reach maturity. These stages include germination, seedling development, vegetative growth, flowering and fruiting. Within each seed lies an embryo of a young plant with roots and stems, waiting to sprout when found in rich soil with plenty of moisture and an ideal temperature. Once it finds this ideal environment, …

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Fun Fact About Gorillas

Gorillas are one of the largest primate species on Earth, and are extremely intelligent, social creatures that prioritize family relationships over individual pursuits. Unfortunately, however, they are critically endangered. TV and movie portrayals often depict them as aggressive while they are actually quite peaceful creatures. Gorillas feed on an assortment of plants, such as wild …

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Facts About the Coral Reef

Coral reefs are spectacular natural structures that host an astounding variety of marine life. Constructed out of limestone skeletons built by tiny creatures known as polyps, coral reefs form large underwater formations filled with these marine wonders. Polyps are marine organisms that rely on oxygen-producing bacteria known as zooxanthellae to survive and use tentacles with …

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Butterfly Kindergarten Activities – Learn About the Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Butterflies are one of the most captivating creatures in nature. Their vibrantly-hued wings fascinate children and adults alike. Make the case that butterflies undergo four stages of metamorphosis; use books such as Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar to show kids this process. As students work together on models that depict these steps, help students …

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Fun Facts About Egypt

Egypt is one of the oldest nations on Earth and boasts an extensive cultural legacy to discover. From Great Pyramids to local football rivalries, here are some interesting facts about Egypt! Egyptians viewed cats as sacred deities. Many homes kept cats to bring good fortune. Mummies Egypt may conjure images of its desert landscapes when …

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