Minecraft Spaceship Mods

spacecraft minecraft

Minecraft allows gamers to let their imagination run wild and create astonishing things – like this massive spaceship constructed by YouTuber KIMS STUDIO.

Minecraft and NASA have joined forces to inspire the next generation of astronauts. Minecraft now allows players to experience NASA’s Artemis Moon missions by building moon rockets and piloting Orion spacecraft, in immersive worlds inspired by NASA Artemis Moon missions.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is an epic RPG developed and published by BioWare/Aspyr in 2003 that offers a fully realized universe with immersive and rewarding gameplay. Since then, six storyline expansions and two smaller add-ons focusing on new gameplay mechanics have been released as DLC.

Set far in the past of the galaxy, BioWare had complete storytelling freedom without worrying about fitting it into any main timeline of movies or prequel trilogy. Players take control of an immersive Jedi experience with each decision made along the journey determining whether a follower chooses light or dark side of force.

KOTOR is widely renowned for providing an in-depth depiction of the Star Wars universe, from awakening on a Republic ship that crashes lands on Taris to discovering why Tusken Raiders hate outsiders; this game provides plenty of depth.

The End Mod

The End Mod for Minecraft offers a fantastic way to spice up your experience, by introducing new mobs, blocks, weapons and armor as well as two unique structures in The End itself that add even more fun and adventure!

This mod offers many interesting options, but one of its standout features is adding 11 new eyes that must be found before taking on Ender Dragon himself. You can do so by exploring, mining or fighting certain creatures.

Better End Mod breathes new life into the End Dimension, often rendered dull after players defeat the Ender Dragon. It adds numerous biomes with unique terrain, flora, and mobs for players to discover and conquer.

Better End also introduces several additional End items and blocks, including a radioactive biome called “Enderneath,” sticky forests, and Ooze Seep spawning areas. Furthermore, new Endermen variants and other interesting creatures have also been included as part of this update.

Custom Stars

Custom Stars is an advanced star map mod that allows you to personalize your star maps by selecting planets, stars, constellations and the Milky Way. In addition to selecting planets and stars you can add labels, arrows and an ecliptic line – and choose whether to enlarge the Moon’s disc by checking or unchecking this box for increased performance. Labels Show Arrows is particularly helpful when there are many labels, as arrows point directly toward what the object labels describe; this feature makes finding objects much simpler!

Other features of the mod include Star Count (default 1500), Brightness, Moon Deadzone Shape (square or circle), Size Multiplier and Star Color Type which may either be SINGLE (a single star color), RANDOM (randomly selected stars), or CUSTOM (custom RGBA colors list). You can even decide how many stars will be displayed in the end sky texture texture – making this mod an amazing way to give an unforgettable present! This mod makes an unforgettable surprise gift.

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