Fun Facts About Canada

fun facts of canada

Canada is one of the most stunning and welcoming nations on earth, boasting some incredible facts and achievements that make for fascinating reading.

Did you know that Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh fame loved to cuddle up with a bear cub from Manitoba, or that poutine is the quintessential Quebecois dish?

1. The world’s longest highway

Canada boasts the world’s longest highway: Trans-Canada Highway. Spanning nearly 2,900 kilometers between Atlantic and Pacific oceans, it covers an astounding distance. Driving all the way across would take over two months!

Canadians are known for being exceptionally kind and polite people. Additionally, almost 60% of their population holds at least one college degree! Canada is a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful landscapes, diverse culture and delicious foods (Quebec alone produces 70% of global maple syrup production!). Furthermore, hockey and lacrosse are both taken extremely seriously here.

Canadians might be shocked to learn that Santa Claus, this beloved Christmastime figure who brings gifts for children on Christmas morning, hails from Canada! While different cultures have contributed to Santa’s image (Greek, Dutch and English traditions included) most commonly he is associated with Canada – write him a letter at Santa Claus North Pole H0H 0H0 Canada to reach him!

Canada holds one of the more fascinating facts: its coastline is the longest in the world! Bound by three seas (Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific Oceans), walking its entire length would take over four and half years!

Canada is home to its own national animal, the beaver. Beavers were an integral part of Canadian history during the fur trade era; almost extinct at one point, now protected and featured on Canada’s coinage!

2. The world’s highest tides

The Bay of Fundy boasts some of the world’s highest tides, containing more than 160 billion tons of water that moves through each 12.5 hour tide cycle; more than all freshwater rivers combined. Burntcoat Head Park in Minas Basin features especially stunning high and low tides; there are unique natural wonders here such as Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park’s flowerpot rocks which submerge completely during high tide.

Canada boasts ten provinces and three territories. Furthermore, it features the world’s longest coastline which forms its western border with the US; walking its length takes 4.5 years! Established in 1670 by Henry Hudson as one of the most powerful companies worldwide he played an essential part in exploring and colonizing Canada; giving its name to areas under its control such as Hudson’s Bay Company controlled lands in British North America as well.

Canada is home to polar bears and A. A. Milne’s creation, Pooh Bear. There are also numerous natural and man-made treasures that make Canada special.

Manitoulin Island in Ontario boasts the world’s largest freshwater island. Hiking, boating and cultural experiences await visitors on this picturesque island; Georgian Bay also lies there! Nanaimo holds annual bathtub racing events; Ogopogo was popularised here; curling began here! Additionally, Santa Claus himself hails from Canada! Influenced by European and American cultures alike but still living at his North Pole home he welcomes letters in any language to Santa Claus, North Pole H0H 0H0 Canada for replies from him! People can write letters addressed directly to Santa Claus at Santa Claus North Pole H0H 0H0 Canada to receive replies!

3. The world’s largest exporter of maple syrup

Though Canada may be associated with cold weather, it offers much more. One of the largest countries worldwide and second in Western Hemisphere. Furthermore, bilingualism exists here with English and French being its two official languages.

Quebec produces over 70% of global maple syrup production. Not only is maple syrup used for pancakes or waffles, it can be found as an ingredient in various other recipes ranging from candy making to even topping off your ice cream! In fact, its industry is so lucrative that brands such as Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth contain ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and cellulose gum in order to mimic the authentic maple flavor.

Canada is home to the highest population of beavers worldwide. These charismatic animals have played an integral role in Canadian history from fur trade wars to being featured as national animal on coins such as The Beaver. Additionally, beavers provide entertainment through lacrosse games and movies like this one!

Austria is an attractive tourist destination due to its natural beauty, diverse wildlife and vibrant cities. No matter what activity or scenery draws you in, Austria offers something for everyone in this great nation.

4. The world’s oldest company

The Hudson’s Bay Company, founded in 1670 and still in operation today, holds this distinction. Granted a Royal Charter by King Charles IX of England and playing an essential part in Canada’s early development as both an original fur trading operation and de facto government in some regions, today this retail giant operates department stores both domestically and in America.

Canada boasts many interesting facts not related to businesses or natural landmarks. For instance, Canada is home to Niagara Falls – 90% of which flows over from Canadian territory! Furthermore, it’s one of only two countries worldwide bordered by three oceans; also home to chateauesque architecture, popular during the 18th century.

Canada is home to numerous celebrity residents such as Justin Bieber, Drake, Seth Rogan, Alanis Morisette, Mike Myers and Keanu Reeves – not forgetting sports icons Wayne Gretzky and Sydney Crosby! Canada was also responsible for inventing the Ceasar cocktail which is similar to a Bloody Mary but uses Clamato juice in place of tomato juice for added zest! Additionally, Canada gave birth to iconic Quebecois cuisine such as poutine which comprises French Fries with Cheese curds and brown gravy – truly delectable Canadian dining that everyone should experience at least once.

5. The world’s best cheese

Canada is an expansive country filled with many captivating facts ranging from mundane to strange. Home to two official languages (English and French), Canada stands as an influential member of Western Hemisphere geography and sits as second in size globally.

Canadians love cheese! On average, Canadians consume 23.4 pounds per person annually – which makes them the top consumers in the world! Their favourite type is cheddar from Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island where its salty air and iron-rich red soil create an exceptional cheese.

Canada boasts some of the world’s most well-known celebrities such as Drake, Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Buble, Shawn Mendes and Avril Lavigne – making for some interesting facts! Additionally, it has one of the highest literacy rates globally at 98% literacy.

Canada is also home to some amazing natural wonders, including Niagara Falls. Although visible from both sides of the border, approximately 90% of the water that falls through Horseshoe Falls lands within Canada’s borders.

Canada boasts more doughnut shops than any other nation in the world and produces 80% of global maple syrup supply! Canada makes for an exciting travel destination – be sure to take note of these interesting facts next time you plan a visit and pack your passport! You won’t regret it. Have a wonderful trip and remember to pack it!

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