Fun Fact About Canada

Maple Country boasts the longest coastline in the world; walking its entirety would require over four and a half years! Canada boasts 65% of the global polar bear population. Each year, millions of letters addressed to Santa Claus arrive here. Canada was the source of inspiration for Winnie the Pooh. Home to numerous lakes and […]

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Fun Fact About Tomatoes

Tomatoes are an indispensable food, from adding it as a topping on French fries and sliders, to using it in salsa and making sandwiches – but did you know they’re fruits too? People feared tomatoes to be toxic until the mid-1800s because they resembled plants containing deadly nightshade. Furthermore, tomatoes had a longstanding belief that

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Fun Facts About Japan

When people think of Japan, they tend to picture its cities filled with towering residential structures. But much of Japan is actually covered with wilderness! Japan associates the number four with death, which explains why buildings rarely contain a fourth floor and cutlery is typically sold in sets of three. 1. Japan is the world’s

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Fun Facts About Cuba

Cuba is known for its vibrant culture, captivating music and intriguing history that draws travelers from all around the globe. While most are familiar with its volatile politics and iconic landmarks, there is so much more to discover! Cuba, when seen from above, resembles an alligator or crocodile; thus its nickname El Cocodrilo (The Alligator

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