What Happens When Mercury Goes Retrograde?

Mercury may have a poor rep for being responsible for technology glitches, travel delays and communication breakdowns – but that doesn’t make everything bad! There is good news too!

As Mercury orbits closer to the sun than Earth does, its path across the zodiac is much faster. Three or four times each year an optical illusion appears that appears as though Mercury moves backwards in its orbit.


Mercury retrograde makes communication more likely, increasing chances of misunderstand among close relationships. You might find yourself misinterpreted by loved ones and messages can get lost in translation; thus it is imperative that your messages be as clear and direct as possible – even if that means taking additional time to draft emails and text messages before sending.

As Mercury Retrograde passes by, it is best to avoid purchasing new cars, electronic equipment, and gadgets unless there is a generous return policy in place. Furthermore, signing any major contracts or making major financial decisions during this period would also be unwise; rather take time out and reflect before moving forward again.

Communication has become an integral component of modern life, from press conferences and forms, email, texts and social media updates, emails to emails or texts from friends or family, texts of any sort to keep us in contact – interruption to that routine can be quite a hindrance, not to mention frustrating.

Daisy Foss, International Healer and Spiritual Astrologer believes it’s wrong to place all the blame for issues in relationships on Mercury retrograde alone; rather, the real issue lies with how people manage their emotions during this period.

No matter your zodiac sign or the people with whom you associate, communication issues will likely surface during Mercury retrograde – especially within romantic relationships. Since Mercury controls your heart, mind and soul – any miscommunication or confusion likely worsened by emotions can only compound problems during retrograde periods.

Mercury Retrograde can bring back old acquaintances from your past, often sparking renewed friendships or even romances that had faded away. Be wary when meeting any old acquaintances during this period as they may carry unwanted baggage that you might need to deal with.


Mercury retrograde often results in technology breaking down. That’s because Mercury rules technology, communication, and travel — three areas which may become disrupted due to this cosmic influence. People should take caution in undertaking any major projects or purchases during these three- to four week periods because misunderstandings and miscommunication can occur easily; aside from that reason alone, Mercury retrograde can cause technical glitches that disrupt major initiatives or purchases.

Although this phenomenon may cause anxiety and frustration among those who believe it, its impact is minimal at best. Simply put: it is only an optical illusion.

Astronomers understand that when Mercury moves backward in its orbit around the sun, it appears to move slower from our perspective on Earth. Imagine driving on an interstate highway with multiple lanes heading in one direction: passing a slower lane car may make you think they’re moving in an opposite direction when in fact all cars are headed forward at different speeds – although technically they still count as moving in an identical path!

As Mercury retrograde can make life complicated, its various speeds can easily collide and cause issues. Therefore, it’s crucial that during these moments of cosmic turmoil you remain calm. Astrologer Kyle Thomas tells PEOPLE that Gemini and Virgo may feel especially frustrated and frazzled during April’s retrograde.

Astrology can be an engaging practice that can help us gain greater insight into ourselves and the world. But it is best to use astrology as a tool for self-care and reflection rather than allow it to control our lives. No matter which sign we belong to, each person should strive to live the best life possible for themselves.


Your intuition can be one of your greatest assets, but during Mercury retrograde it may be off. Therefore, it’s best to follow your financial plan and refrain from making hasty purchases even if feeling inspired. Also don’t expect major transactions or negotiations to go smoothly during this time.

Gemini and Virgo workers might find it challenging to keep pace with their work this month; but don’t get discouraged; Mercury retrograde cycles tend to cause this difficulty; eventually it will pass. You might need to adjust some goals or priorities.

Mercury retrograde in your work sign can be an ideal opportunity to review and update your resume and LinkedIn profile, focus on improving how you perform overall, make adjustments that could enhance performance further and take on new projects or assignments; just don’t expect everything to go exactly according to plan!

Mercury Retrograde can be daunting, but there are ways you can help yourself survive without major effects. Revert back to old-school methods (like keeping a paper calendar and reading physical books instead of ebooks), practice self-care regularly and try spending some tech-free time each day so as to better navigate this Mercury retrograde period.

Gemini and Virgo natives tend to be particularly attuned to Mercury’s effects; since he’s the ruler of those two zodiac signs. But it’s important to keep in mind that astrology isn’t an exact science – rather, using it for introspective purposes can only ever prove helpful!

If you want to up your astrological game, take a look at this infographic by MassMutual to gain more knowledge on Mercury retrograde’s effects on each sign – then prepare yourself better to navigate this tricky planetary cycle!


Mercury Retrograde can cause relationship drama. It’s understandable why; miscommunication, misunderstandings and arguments seem more prevalent during this period. But remember: These issues are temporary; you have control over how you react to them; approaching these challenges calmly with an understanding that this phase will pass will make for happier situations that will better equip you to deal with them later on.

Mercury rules all forms of communication – emails, travel plans, text messages and conversations between loved ones – so when Mercury goes retrograde it’s essential that we pay more attention to these areas, particularly relationships. We should avoid making major decisions that could have lasting ramifications during this period and postponing sensitive discussions until its end.

At this time, it’s also wise to double-check your work. Mercury Retrograde tends to cause numerous typos, missed appointments and other minor mishaps that need correcting before sending anything out – this is particularly important with computers or high-tech products; therefore it is always advisable to review any work before sending it off during this period.

If you need help managing relationships during this tricky period, don’t be shy about seeking professional assistance. Keen’s psychic advisors specialize in astrology and can offer expert guidance for handling relationships during Mercury Retrograde. With professional guidance you’ll be able to untangle any miscommunication caused by Mercury Retrograde and make the best use of its benefits!

Mercury Retrograde may sound alarming, but don’t take it personally if it scares you! In reality, this event occurs every three months and while it can be irritating and potentially disruptive to life, by taking a deep breath and remaining calm you can minimize its effects on daily living.

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