What Happens When Mercury Goes Retrograde?

when mercury out of retrograde

Every few weeks this year, astrological Mercury will appear to move retrogradely in the sky. Mercury governs communication, clear thinking and travel; when retrograded it can cause miscommunication and tech malfunctions that negatively impact daily life.

As a general guideline, try not to enter into any major agreements or sign any new contracts during this timeframe. Instead, reserve such discussions until Mercury goes direct!

1. The beginning of June

Virgos can rejoice as mercury begins moving backwards at the beginning of June – which means they can finally find peace within themselves and feel more authentically themselves! You’ll be able to communicate more efficiently while being more attentive to life’s finer details.

But, it is still wise to double-check emails and allow plenty of time for travel (particularly public transit). People’s short fuses tend to shorten when Mercury retrogrades, leading to potentially embarrassing miscommunication and missteps. Furthermore, if you plan to release an Instagram post detailing your new love life soon after Mercury directs again it may be wiser.

On June 22nd, Mercury will enter Taurus and dramatically shift this Mercury retrograde. Taurus’ steady and stubborn energy can help ground this energy and prevent it from spiraling out of control. Furthermore, on this date Mercury forms an auspicious connection with Jupiter – the planet of luck and fortune – giving potential opportunities that seemed dead during this retrograde a new chance.

Mercury spins retrograde three to four times each year, and its effects can usually be felt for three weeks each time. Though it can seem as though everything is falling apart during its retrograde periods, remember that Mercury always moves faster than us; just that its slower movements appear as backward movement! These signal-scrambling timeouts reveal where we need to pause, review, and rewind our lives – so the next time someone blames lack of communication on Mercury just remember that its job has just been done!

2. The middle of June

Mercury moves so quickly, orbiting Earth about four times faster than us, that three to four times every year it may appear to move backwards in the sky – this phenomenon is known as mercury retrograde and often causes confusion, delays and miscommunication – think undelivered letters, frazzled travel plans or sexual text messages sent accidentally!

Mercury, being the planet of communication and information, makes its appearance at retrograde phases all too noticeable when things such as technology and social media can go haywire and miscommunications become commonplace. Therefore, during such times it’s wise to double-check any important emails or documents before sending them out during this period and use this time as a chance to review and edit your work before sending.

Mercury will go retrograde beginning August 23 in Virgo and lasting through September 14 – marking its third appearance this year, following Gemini (beginning May 28) and Capricorn (which lasts until Dec. 12).

Mercury retrograde can be an ideal time for reflection on goals and desired outcomes in life; just don’t make any major adjustments before the dust has settled. Mercury retrograde may also provide an opportunity to reconnect with old friends or revive an unused hobby; you might also use this time as an opportunity to examine your relationship with yourself more closely.

Note that Mercury does not move backwards; rather, its appearance to do so arises when faster-moving planets catch up with and pass slower ones in our solar system’s orbit – an effect ancient astrologers noted as early as 2600 BCE!

3. The end of June

Astrology lovers know that Mercury moves into retrograde three times annually, which can create untimely issues in our daily lives. Since Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology, its movements affect many spheres of human existence when in retrograde motion – but each retrograde period lasts approximately three weeks with an end date listed for each zodiac sign according to astrology.

From May 10 to 21, Mercury may appear to move backward in the sky – this is just an optical illusion caused by its shorter orbit and slower speed; Astrologers recommend taking this time as an opportunity to reflect on what may have gone wrong in your life and build in extra flexibility when creating plans.

At the close of this week, Mercury retrograde in Virgo will soon come to a conclusion, offering us significant clarity as long-repressed secrets surface and false knowledge dissipates. Now is an ideal opportunity to reevaluate relationships both internal and external; take stock of what went right in the past – take time now to remember all that good stuff!

Stardust suggests thinking of this Mercury retrograde as two halves: Gemini/Virgo is more intense during its initial half between May 10 to 21; Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel its impact later. She advises preparing for potential chaos as clean-up efforts will continue for some time afterward.

4. The beginning of July

Mercury, as the planet that controls communication (in all forms) as well as transportation, shipping and mail delivery services, can sometimes make life frustrating when in retrograde phase. Furthermore, experts believe it has an even stronger influence over aspects of life such as contracts, negotiations and travel plans which relate to this planet; such as contracts negotiations or travel plans. Typically this happens three to four times each year and while frustrating it’s also an excellent time for intuition – pay attention for any strange coincidences!

Mercury retrograde may create the appearance of chaos, but with proper consideration and following some basic planetary protocols it can actually be an opportunity for revising, reviewing, and rewinding projects and strategies. When it occurs during Virgo month it can help clarify where revision is necessary and you will gain clarity as to where your focus should shift in terms of time management and priorities.

Starting in July is also an excellent opportunity to broaden your social circle and make new acquaintances; Venus retrograde will touch base with healing Chiron in romantic-minded Leo, providing you with an opportunity to open up with old acquaintances while creating fresh relationships. Saturn retrograde in ambitious Capricorn requires you to reassess finances and regain any lost ground; finally the sun reunites with Neptune on August 28, providing another opportunity for you to evaluate spiritual practice while deepening relationships. Take time out each day for self-care rituals or simply enjoy yourself and try making time just for you – your body will thank you!

5. The middle of July

Mercury retrograde causes many aspects of your life that it oversees to become disordered or unpredictable, such as communication, computer codes (both computer-generated and otherwise), transportation/travel plans/commerce. Without its clear guidance and active oversight they often become chaotic.

Mercury retrograde may cause temporary disruptions in daily activities; however, astrologers see this period as an opportunity to review and refine what you’ve been working on. Furthermore, Mercury retrograde can bring back old friends or reacquaint with old hobbies since it often triggers throwback energy, according to Lisa Caves (an astrologist).

Mercury retrograde will end by late July in 2023; and we won’t have to deal with its aftereffects again until December 9. Even though you might feel disoriented now, chaos could actually help rework plans, projects and goals more effectively than you could think possible.

If miscommunication between loved ones has left you frustrated, this July 27 is a perfect opportunity for broaching delicate topics with them. Mercury joins Venus in Taurus for a moment when money-focused Taurus reigns supreme, which also marks an auspicious time to take steps necessary for paying down debts.

Be mindful that not every Mercury retrograde affects every person the same way; its impact depends on your birth chart and transit specifics, according to astrologer Ridout. While Virgo and Gemini will always feel its impact, fixed signs Scorpio, Leo and Capricorn could also feel its shadow periods – the three-week periods where Mercury appears to move backward.

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