Spacecraft RV Price – A Home-On-Wheels With Mobility

Most recreational vehicles (RVs) are limited by weight restrictions when it comes to installing luxurious amenities, while spacecraft RVs offer unlimited possibilities – beginning from scratch and custom-building a home on wheels that fits exactly with its owner’s desires.

Spacecraft trailers feature standard features like easy-to-clean fiberglass ceilings and front kitchens in fifth wheel trailers, tandem air ride axles, and 22-inch truck tires as standard features.


At this year’s Florida RV SuperShow, an extraordinary Space Craft caught everyone’s attention more than Westfalia vans or cheap Colemans. Todd and Sheila Konitzer spent a year designing and building it from the ground up with features including five air conditioners, four 300 Ah lithium batteries, 50 amp electrical system, heated and carpeted basement storage compartment and multiple LED TVs – even though its cost was nearly $600,000.

Spacecraft builds custom travel trailers, fifth wheels and even 57-foot semi-trailers for its customers. Offering unparalleled selection and service at an unbeatably competitive price point. However, whether or not a Spacecraft RV is worth its money depends entirely on personal factors – from perspectives to priorities and resources. Each product is manufactured to order on their welded chassis with fiberglass roof and insulated basement insulation as standard features – with optional equipment packages such as optional wheel locks available upon request – plus they require special tow vehicles to transport these massive machines!


Spacecraft RV semi-trailers differ from traditional fifth-wheel trailers in that they can be tailored specifically to the owner’s specifications, with features like tile floors, dual pane windows and residential plumbing incorporated. Plus they’re lightweight enough for most personal vehicles to tow!

Spacecrafts have long been used as temporary living quarters; however, some customers use them as offices or for work purposes as well. For instance, the Konitzers use their Spacecraft as a command center for their YouTube channel Switch It Up; their trailer features an LED sign with hinged hinges as well as a rooftop party deck for added functionality.

Spacecraft RV offers several models to meet individual needs and budgets, such as two-door systems with two doors while others feature four. Each features custom welded chassis, fiberglass ceilings, insulation in basement areas and suspended holding tanks – ideal for those wanting a fully equipped home on wheels.

Floor plan

Konitzers’ trailer is an outstanding example of Space Craft’s ability to provide comfort and luxury while being mobile. Featuring a large kitchen with residential appliances, tile floors, dual pane windows, solar panels and a hinged LED display system – Space Craft certainly exceeds expectations here!

Custom-built trailers from this company range in size from travel trailer to 57-foot semi, catering to different lifestyles – family travel, full-time work or live performances like carnivals and circuses.

At its Concordia, Missouri headquarters, Spacecraft staff interviews customers to gain an understanding of their road rambling lifestyle and design preferences before helping them select options such as wall and floor coverings, cabinet wood (birch, maple, cherry and hickory are available), finishes and wall and floor coverings. Remote buyers can also receive samples in the mail to choose from; fully ducted fiberglass ceilings offer function while being easier to clean than traditional RV ceilings.


Spacecraft RV provides luxury mobile homes that combine mobility with luxurious touches – its custom-made RVs are tailored specifically to each buyer and offer unparalleled choice and service – yet come at a hefty cost.

Spacecraft RVs differ from mass-produced trailers in that they’re built on custom platforms with customized components that make them significantly heavier than standard models. Their hallmark features are their welded chassis, one-piece aluminum side walls and fiberglass ceiling and roof, along with fully ducted heating/cooling systems, residential-grade kitchens and basement storage areas.

Spacecraft’s rigs can accommodate anything from circus-themed living rooms to full-time YouTuber couples’ new mobile headquarters, even party capsules for Burning Man or King of the Hammers events. Within regulations, cost, and physics restrictions, Spacecraft offers many design possibilities; their process begins with a blank sheet and ends in a personalized rig.

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