Apollo missions

Apollo 11 Vs iPhone

Modern smartphones boast vastly greater computing power than Apollo computers, yet it would be unfair to compare them directly, like comparing F-35 fighter jets with World War 2 Spitfires and Hurricanes. The Apollo computer excelled at one task very effectively. Additionally, it was virtually crashproof compared to smartphones which can occasionally freeze. How Did They …

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Apollo 11 4K Review

Todd Douglas Miller’s version of Apollo 11 uses mostly archive footage (including some 65mm footage), to tell an engaging tale. From its crawler transporter at launch pad to Walter Cronkite’s newscast oratory – you are there. This docudrama leaves no one wanting more. Visuals look incredible, particularly the newly discovered 65mm footage. Everything looks clear …

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50th Anniversary of the Landing of US Apollo 11

As it descended, Eagle encountered issues not anticipated in simulations. Multiple alarms went off due to too many tasks being attempted at once by its computer system. Armstrong and Aldrin spent 21 hours 38 minutes on the moon’s surface before returning to Collins in Columbia’s command module, using seismometers and laser reflectors to measure distances …

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Apollo 18 (Movie Review)

In the 1970s, children everywhere dreamed of becoming astronauts. These real-life heroes set an example through personal sacrifice and bravery. One Apollo mission was cancelled, leaving its Saturn rocket sitting idle in a museum in Houston. Apollo 18 sheds light on why, and it wasn’t budget constraints at play. The Story Ben Anderson (Warren Christie), …

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