Manned Spacecraft Apparel

spacecraft apparel

Manned spacecraft come in many different forms, but all must serve both transportation and survival in space. This is particularly important during reentry when high acceleration and vibration can pose several hazards.

Spacesuits provide astronauts with oxygen to breathe in space and protection against harmful space dust particles that could prove fatal. Furthermore, some spacesuits include visors to shield astronauts against radiation exposure in space.

Mason Beanie

This stylish gold and black beanie was designed specifically to honor those associated with Prince Hall Freemasonry, featuring their distinctive compass and square logo on the front as well as “Prince Hall” emblazoned across one side and “Free and Accepted Mason” printed across another. Adjustable for comfort, this beanie would make an excellent present.

This stylish and cozy rib-knitted hat comes complete with a polar fleece lining and darts at the crown for shaping. Crafted with soft yarn for maximum warmth and style, its stylish design makes it suitable for all-day wear – plus there are various colors available so that it fits seamlessly with any wardrobe!

Dock Beanie

Our most popular cuffed beanie comes in a deep fit for maximum versatility. Crafted with durable acrylic knit with thick gauge structure and 100% recyclable innovative Polylana yarn, you can feel good wearing this beanie just as you look great when sporting it!

Inspired by the woolly hats worn by dock-working fishermen, this skullie sits atop your head with its shallow crown not covering your ears (or at least only partially). It can either be worn cuffed up to sit directly above or pulled down like a beanie for added warmth and style.

Our classic beanie offers the ideal blend of warmth and style to combat winter’s harshest conditions. Plus, its TGR pinch tag on the fold adds a personal touch. In addition, purchases like these support our full time trail crew who tirelessly maintain trails – meaning your purchase helps these guys continue creating new trails all season long!

Active Junky

Active Junky provides more than just outdoor gear and apparel; they also offer adventure travel content, action sports news updates, original videos and retail partners like REI and Cabela’s to help make informed purchasing decisions. Their gear reviews also allow customers to make educated purchasing decisions.

Active Junky was established in 2010 and based in Denver. Purch is among the investors, which owns various tech and science websites such as Tom’s Guide and LiveScience.

Active Junky offers its members more than cash back. Through partnerships with retailers, Active Junky can also gain access to exclusive coupons and promotions available only to them – which enable the startup to generate a revenue share from each purchase made by its members. Active Junky plans on introducing a loyalty program soon – its founders believe this will increase sales while drawing in new customers – in the near future; eventually expanding its business portfolio with other products as well.

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