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Your local Mercury dealer is there to assist in finding and installing the ideal outboard engine for your boat, with certified installation services provided by certified service professionals trained by Mercury to become experts on outboard products. Furthermore, they can answer your queries about maintenance and repair services.

Since 1939, no other provider has offered more boaters reliable solutions for propelling their vessels across the water.

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No matter if you’re planning to keep your current Mercury outboard for an extended period, determining the fair value of a used engine you’re thinking of buying or just want to know how long engines last – knowing how and why engine hours are tracked is critical to success. Answering the question, “how long should a Mercury outboard last?” can depend on various factors, including maintenance practices, engine type and usage habits. Although after-market engine hour meters can provide valuable insights into engine condition, they should not be used as the sole basis for making decisions when purchasing used outboard motors. Mercury outboards manufactured since 2004 come equipped with engine run time history reports that can be accessed by dealers using appropriate diagnostics software. These reports provide more accurate data than an after-market meter would.

Dealership Locations

Mercury dealerships in Upstate NY provide boaters looking to upgrade their outboard motor with peace of mind on the water, offering improved performance, fuel efficiency and boat handling. Choose from an assortment of engines tailored specifically to your needs and budget.

Dealerships that have survived Ford’s decision to discontinue Mercury brand sales are looking forward to an active November as they try to liquidate all remaining inventory. Some dealers, like Hines Park Lincoln-Mercury in suburban Detroit, are taking an aggressive tack, selling off Milan and Mountaineer SUVs before Friday’s deadline; others take a more measured approach.

Mercury Marine has long been recognized as a top builder of marine propulsion systems worldwide. Established in Wisconsin back in 1939, they’ve grown from small machine shops into global leaders of marine propulsion technology.

Mercury Marine provides cutting-edge outboard engines and award-winning MerCruiser sterndrives and inboard packages, among other superior products and services in the marine industry. Mercury Marine is proud to provide Mercury Product Protection, an extended factory-backed warranty program which protects your outboard or MerCruiser sterndrive. To learn more, contact one of the nearby Mercury dealers using our interactive map – you may even find one close by! Once you find a location, click its name for more information and details about their dealership. Our team at the nearest Mercury dealership looks forward to welcoming you and helping you select an outboard motor to match your boating needs. Mercury dealers are here to assist whether it’s powering up a new boat or replacing an older one, whether you need additional horsepower for an existing boat or replacing the outboard of an old one. Their expansive inventory features Verado models with rocket-like performance as well as knowledgeable service representatives to answer your queries or address any concerns that arise.

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Mercury Marine produces world-class outboard motors to enable boaters to explore their passion for water with complete peace of mind. Their wide selection of outboards covers every boating need from lightweight 2.5 horsepower outboards up to powerful 350 horsepower models; all designed to deliver exceptional performance, fuel economy and handling while coming equipped with extended warranties to provide peace of mind on the water.

Mercury Product Protection Gold and Platinum plans offer two levels of extended service coverage: parts and labor coverage for engine-related components while Platinum covers an entire power range of outboard motors as well as roadside assistance. Dealers are available to help boaters select an appropriate plan based on their budget requirements, along with providing detailed explanations about what each plan covers.

To qualify for an extended warranty from Mercury, boaters must purchase their new outboard from an authorized dealer and adhere to its maintenance schedule and schedule inspections at an approved service center at intervals recommended. After fulfilling these steps, their dealer will offer them a factory-backed extension to the standard three-year limited warranty period.

Mercury dealerships are dedicated to delivering unparalleled service for their customers. Equipped with experienced sales and finance professionals who can assist customers in selecting an outboard motor that matches their boat, as well as certified technicians who can maintain and repair them, dealers provide customers with an array of boating accessories so they can outfit their craft with cutting-edge technologies and equipment.

Search Mercury outboard motor dealerships near you by entering your zip code into the search box and choosing from the results list. Mercury sales consultants at these dealerships are trained experts who can assist with identifying which model would be the most suitable, as well as provide financing solutions which may be easier than expected.

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Mercury dealers provide comprehensive services for your car, ranging from routine maintenance to transmission rebuilds and vehicle purchases. If there’s something specific that catches your eye, they might also sell new Mercury vehicles; otherwise they can order it just for you!

Mercury Motor Company introduced their Mercury brand as a mid-priced division in 1938 to bridge the gap between lower priced Ford models and luxurious Lincoln ones. They targeted themselves against General Motors’ Buick and Oldsmobile divisions as well as Chrysler DeSoto and Dodge offerings for competition.

Mercury modified their model lineup for 1962 in order to bring them more in line with Ford; Montclair was replaced with Monterey while Meteor was brought back as an intermediate. Station wagons were renamed Commuter, Voyager, and Colony Park; “S” sub-models such as S-22 (Comet), S-33 (Meteor) and S55 (Monterey) offered bucket seats and floor shifters respectively.

Mercury introduced the Zephyr compact car to replace the Comet in 1978; it was based on Ford Fox platform and similar to European Capri II models marketed under different names. Sales nearly doubled within six months and Mercury revived Cougar nameplate for an entry-level full-size model featuring more formal rooflines and Marquis fascias for enhanced buyer appeal and image enhancement.

Mercury streamlined their model line even further in 1999 by discontinuing the Tracer and Mystique models, while unveiling a revamped Cougar generation and Sable sedan designed as premium offerings. Meanwhile, Grand Marquis continued as their only full-size car to compete against Ford Crown Victorias, with fleet sales providing additional revenue support across regions.

2008 saw Mercury launch a mid-size SUV known as the Mariner, designed to compete against General Motors (GM) Tahoe/Suburban models as well as Toyota RAV4. At the same time, an updated Monterey was transformed into the Mercury Sable while an all-new Mariner Hybrid replaced Escape as its replacement model.

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