Satellite Weather Brisbane

satellite weather brisbane

Brisbane enjoys a moderate climate with average annual temperatures ranging from 49 degC to 84 degC. Summers are warm, muggy and wet; winters are short, cool, and clear.

The percentage of days in which various types of precipitation are observed, excluding trace quantities: rain alone, snow alone, and mixed (both rain and snow fell in the same day). The accumulated rainfall over a sliding 31-day period is shown on the map.

Weather Forecast

The Courier Mail satellite weather brisbane website features a range of interactive weather forecast tools including UV radar and world wide weather, rain, wind, and temperature forecasts. It also has a number of useful weather alerts including Tropical Cyclone, and World Weather warnings. The satellite weather brisbane site provides an excellent view of the Brisbane region and surrounding regions to include Rockhampton, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. This is a highly effective weather monitoring system that uses a large array of sophisticated sensors to monitor the Queensland environment and provide timely forecasts of weather conditions. The system is a multi-model ensemble of dynamical atmospheric models that are forced by the latest weather observations to produce accurate probabilities of rainfall in individual areas. The satellite weather brisbane website is available for free and includes a free trial version of the Courier Mail.

Rainfall Forecast

Rainfall is expected to be light at first, but will gradually increase throughout the day. The forecast is based on output from dynamical atmospheric models. The models simulate features of the real atmosphere, including ocean and land conditions, which affect the probability of rainfall. This model is updated daily, so you can be confident in the forecast.

The radar is situated on an isolated hill about 150m above mean sea level, east of Beenleigh, and provides good coverage of the Greater Brisbane area. However, there are obstructions such as the Great Dividing Range to the west and the Lamington Plateau to the south that reduce the radar’s ability to detect low clouds extending to the southwest. This may cause false rainfall detections for areas to the west and south of the radar’s coverage. In addition, it sometimes detects virga (precipitation that does not reach the ground). Please note: This forecast may change in the future.

Wind Forecast

The wind forecast for satellite weather brisbane indicates that overnight into Sunday winds will blow from the Southwest with light air abounding, ranging from 4 to 8 mph. By day the breeze will be slightly more subtle with a light wind becoming E 15 to 20 km/h later in the day. During the day the temperature will reach the mid-20s. Cloud coverage will be mostly clear but a few showers are foreseen. The UV-Index will climb to 8 today. Don’t forget to use sunscreen when going outside, especially during the middle of the day. The sun’s rays are likely to be strongest from about 10 am until around 5 pm. For more weather information, check out the MetEye site for a live radar and graphical forecast.

Temperature Forecast

Brisbane is known for its mild and sunny weather all year round. Temperatures in the city range from 24-29degC (75-84degF) during the summer and 12-20degC (54-68degF) during the winter. The average number of hours of sunshine per day is also high in the city, with around 10-13hrs a day in the summer and about 7hrs in the winter. During the night the temperature can drop to about 4 degC in the winter and the UV-Index goes up to 8 so you should use sunscreen while spending time outdoors. The average humidity is also quite high during the winter months. The forecast for today is that it will be partly cloudy with light winds during the morning and then becoming calm in the afternoon.

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