Fun Fact About Japan

Japan is an Asian nation famed for its combination of ancient culture and cutting-edge technologies, making it an extremely desirable travel destination. Before traveling there yourself, familiarize yourself with these fascinating facts about Japan! Discover Japan with our top 25 Japan facts! Japan is full of fascinating quirks ranging from overcrowded trains to ritual suicide

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Fun Fact About Canada

Maple Country boasts the longest coastline in the world; walking its entirety would require over four and a half years! Canada boasts 65% of the global polar bear population. Each year, millions of letters addressed to Santa Claus arrive here. Canada was the source of inspiration for Winnie the Pooh. Home to numerous lakes and

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Fact About Argentina

Argentina has endured dictatorships, economic crises and wars. Additionally, one of its first achievements was radio broadcasting; and also gave birth to one of the first full-length cartoons with Quirino Cristiani’s work. Patagonia is home to some of the oldest land plants (liverworts) ever found anywhere, as well as having the highest plastic surgery per

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Fun Fact About Tomatoes

Tomatoes are an indispensable food, from adding it as a topping on French fries and sliders, to using it in salsa and making sandwiches – but did you know they’re fruits too? People feared tomatoes to be toxic until the mid-1800s because they resembled plants containing deadly nightshade. Furthermore, tomatoes had a longstanding belief that

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Interesting Fact About the Great Wall of China

One of the most striking characteristics of China’s Great Wall is that it doesn’t consist of one continuous wall; rather, it consists of several interconnecting walls and trenches across northern Chinese territory. Builders employed conventional building materials like earth and stone, but also employed an unexpected ingredient: sticky rice! This glutinous grain was an integral

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Fact About North America

North America attracts tourists from around the globe. Home to famed theme parks and natural wonders, its wide variety of musical genres and diverse culture make North America an eye-catching travel destination. At third in terms of population, Africa is also the third-most populous continent, boasting diverse terrain from glacial tundra and scorched deserts to

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Fun Fact About Zebras

Zebras are beloved animals with beautiful stripes that have inspired people to refer to pedestrian crossings as “zebra crossings.” Additionally, these incredible animals can sleep standing up while boasting panoramic vision. Zebras use an array of sounds and facial expressions to communicate with other zebras, including whinnying, barking and soft snorts. When they feel unsatisfied

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