Fact About China

China is one of the world’s most fascinating nations with an ancient past and diverse culture, boasting some of the oldest traditions on Earth and experiencing rapid development at an astounding rate. China is home to fascinating facts like: paper was first invented there; half of all world pigs live there and its railway lines …

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Fun Fact About Rivers

Rivers serve as nature’s highways, transporting water from mountains to ocean. Not only that but rivers also play host to an abundance of aquatic wildlife! The Congo River in central Africa is the world’s deepest river, reaching depths exceeding 220m! That would cover London’s iconic clock tower Big Ben 2.5 times over! The Ganges River …

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Fun Fact About Albert Einstein

Urban legend holds that Einstein failed math as a child but became an outstanding scientist; the reality, however, is quite different – he excelled both mathematical and physicochemical disciplines and became known for both. He studied physics and mathematics at Zurich’s Polytechnic Academy, publishing four groundbreaking articles. Additionally, he advocated pacifism and civil rights legislation. …

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Fun Fact About Tiger Senses

Tigers are powerful wild cats that captivate people worldwide. While these magnificent predators may be one of the world’s most formidable animals, they’re also extremely mysterious and captivating creatures. Tigers are fascinating animals with many interesting facts ranging from antiseptic saliva and false eyes on the backs of their ears to having antimicrobial properties and …

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Fun Fact About Cuba

Cuba boasts an abundant and fascinating history, from classic cars to legendary revolutionaries. Uncover more about this fascinating nation with these interesting facts about Cuba! Cuba is home to one of the tiniest birds on earth: Zunzuncito (bee hummingbird). Ernest Hemingway spent 20 years living and writing in Cuba – two of his classic novels …

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