Fact About Argentina

Argentina has endured dictatorships, economic crises and wars. Additionally, one of its first achievements was radio broadcasting; and also gave birth to one of the first full-length cartoons with Quirino Cristiani’s work. Patagonia is home to some of the oldest land plants (liverworts) ever found anywhere, as well as having the highest plastic surgery per

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Cool Facts About Argentina

Argentina is well known as an extremely tolerant nation, home to an array of religious faiths from Catholicism to Judaism and beyond. Argentina was one of the richest nations on Earth during the early 20th Century due to immigration from Europe that provided much-needed labor. 1. Argentina is the world’s southernmost country Argentina offers visitors

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Top 5 Fun Facts in Argentina

While football remains Argentina’s national pastime, a lesser-known game called pato has long been recognized as its official national sport. Pato combines elements of both polo and basketball on horseback to provide an exciting horseback-based competition that is truly unforgettable! Buenos Aires is world renowned for its sensuous tango dance, which first emerged from brothels

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Fun Fact About Argentina

Argentina is a South American nation packed with breathtaking natural beauty and vibrant cultural aspects, bordered by five other nations and considered the second-largest in South America. Argentina is home to incredible street art! Buenos Aires in particular is famous for its extraordinary graffiti. 1. Argentina is the birthplace of the tango Tango is one

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