Spacecraft Camper – A 57-Foot Monster

spacecraft camper

If you love traveling, this 57-foot RV could be exactly what you’re searching for. Custom built to the buyer’s specifications, this luxurious unit comes equipped with features such as fully insulated basement and Corian countertops for the perfect travel experience.

Space Craft Manufacturing’s business comes mainly from traveling performers and local fairgrounds where their large trailers see plenty of action. Their specialty lies in making two-bedroom, two-bathroom luxury models.


Space Craft specializes in custom luxury fifth wheel campers. While not inexpensive, customers appear satisfied to pay the higher costs in order to find exactly what they are looking for. Space Craft’s service and personalization levels are exceptional and encourage clients to spend several days at their trailer prior to purchasing to ensure everything runs properly.

SpaceCraft designs incorporate molded fiberglass ceilings and in-ceiling air ducts for additional function and durability, as well as being much easier to keep clean than standard drop-down ceilings found in most RVs. Furthermore, this allows higher ceiling heights which is more accommodating for tall people.

SpaceCraft is a family-run company that specializes in crafting customized campers to suit the individual needs of its clients. While not advertising publicly, some models from SpaceCraft do attend the Tampa RV show each year. Production on 10-15 units annually usually lasts around one year.


Spacecraft campers are fully customizable RVs designed to suit individual owners. Ranging in size from a minibus up to semi trucks, this RV allows full-time RVers to live luxuriously while traveling. Offering various floor plans and add-ons tailored specifically to each customer’s desires is just one example of their flexibility in customization.

The company aims to help individuals realize their dreams of traveling and living luxuriously, by offering fully stocked kitchen, living room, bedroom and rooftop tent facilities. Plus there’s solar power, air conditioning and washer/dryers! Their team has extensive experience in finding the ideal trailers to meet each person’s individual needs; plus there’s also free consultation and setup of their trailer(s). Plus they stay with them until everything works seamlessly – and then stay for some days afterward to ensure everything remains operating perfectly!


Space Craft Manufacturing’s fifth wheel can reach 57 feet! Custom designed per buyer and can include whatever cabinets, floorplans, and paint colors are desired.

Marsha and Wyatt Trautman founded and run this family business from its inception, still family-owned today. Their primary customer focus includes traveling performers and circus workers as well as exotic animal transporters who require durable solutions.

These expensive fifth wheels can cost well over $250,000, yet still contain some remarkable features. For instance, they boast a molded fiberglass ceiling to provide a homelike atmosphere; full-body basement storage with heated and carpeted interior; multiple LED TVs; four-point hydraulic leveling system and much more!


Space Craft is a small family business specializing in large luxury fifth wheel campers for decades now, known for their outstanding design, comfort and durability. Their 57-foot monsters provide comfortable living on the road.

Though geared mainly toward niche markets, this company also makes an ideal choice for full-time RVers, circus performers and other professionals who spend extended time traveling. Their products feature customizable floor plans to meet individual requirements.

Though expensive, the company’s products provide owners with numerous customization options to tailor their trailers to meet specific requirements. For instance, their Mars Space X trailer uses a double fold layout that reduces bed changes each night; 14 points of adjustment for its internal tent poles; as well as an impressive fiberglass ceiling which adds function, durability, and style.

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