Spacecraft RV – The Home-On-Wheels of Your Dreams

spacecraft rv

Spacecraft RV specializes in custom trailers designed to combine personal space and full-time travel, giving customers the power to design the trailer of their dreams within regulatory, weight, and pricing constraints.

Spacecraft began manufacturing trailers to satisfy carnival and circus folk in 1970. Today, their trailers are beloved among full-time travelers seeking luxury and mobility.


SpaceCraft trailers allow you to achieve just about anything you desire – whether that means designing a 40-foot garage for cars and motorcycles, living like Will Smith in his Burning Man party capsule, or getting one with enough storage capacity for off-grid travel gear.

This company pays attention to details other RV manufacturers neglect. For instance, its slide-out rooms boast fully ducted fiberglass ceilings for style and durability – unlike those made by other RV makers that use joints and screws that could lead to leakage.

Spacecraft was started by a mother-and-son team to bridge the comforts of home with the portability of an RV. Over time, their business has expanded into providing semi-trailer RVs designed to transport equipment for carnivals and circuses as well as luxurious 22.5″ truck tires. All of these features create an exquisite mobile experience.


Spacecraft is a family-owned business that specializes in creating custom trailers for recreational and full-time travel, including fifth wheels and semi-trailers. Each model boasts unique features; however, these heavier options tend to weigh more than standard options.

SpaceCraft semi-trailers can reach up to 57 feet long, featuring aluminum sheeted steel bodies with composite roofs. In addition, their welded chassis features tandem air ride axles and 22-inch truck tires – making them a much girthier option than traditional RVs.

At the Florida RV Supershow, a trailer belonging to Todd and Sheila Konitzer lives on the road while filming their YouTube show, “Switch It Up.” Since acquiring their SpaceCraft last year, Todd and Sheila Konitzer have been traveling throughout their YouTube show shooting its episodes off grid with enough energy from Volta Power Systems’ large li-ion system for several weeks of off-grid living – as well as boasting full body basement storage area!


Spacecraft RVs have proven themselves durable enough to still be on the road 30 years later, which speaks volumes about their longevity. Their trailers range from large travel trailers to 57-foot semi-trailers; all have been tailored specifically to meet the needs of full-time travelers while offering various customization options including floorplans, paint jobs and appliances – not forgetting their off-grid capabilities as well.

Spacecraft engineers create their products with easy access and superior construction in mind; for instance, their slide-out rooms feature one sheet of fiberglass covering the roof and sides without a single screw in sight.

The company’s welded steel chassis, tandem air ride axles and 22-inch truck tires have been specifically engineered to offer maximum longevity and performance. Molded fiberglass ceilings give owners additional living space while making cleaning simpler; additionally, insulated four-season basements boast suspended holding tanks that enable pass-through storage capabilities.


Spacecraft MFG trailers are custom-crafted to be cost-effective yet luxurious, offering features such as residential appliances, dual pane windows and tile floors for maximum comfort. Their customizable exterior colors and designs offer options suitable for any personality or budget.

RVers want freedom and independence without breaking the bank, which is why the company aims to build custom trailers for various clients ranging from circus performers and carnival workers to contractors and motion picture companies.

At the Florida RV SuperShow, the model displayed was custom built for a couple who planned to travel full-time in their new home. Featuring a convertible bedroom/garage that can transport and charge their Volvo XC40 electric SUV; with 108kWh energy storage capability and four air conditioners that can supply up to 10kW during long off-grid stays.

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