The Life Span of a Starfish

Starfish don’t possess brains or blood, but they do possess eyes which allow them to observe their surroundings. Furthermore, starfish have the ability to regenerate their arms should an unwelcome guest appear unannouncedly. Once fertilized eggs hatch into bipinnaria larva, the animal moves to the ocean floor where it undergoes metamorphosis into an adult form […]

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What Eats a Starfish?

There are a lot of creatures who feed on starfish! Unfortunately, some are extremely unpleasant; for instance, the harlequin shrimp is an aquatic crustacean which feeds on various sea life, including starfish! This animal captures its prey by expanding its stomach around it and then swallowing it whole. They may drop an arm when feeling

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What Do Starfish Eat?

Many starfish species sold as pet fish are omnivorous scavengers; however, some species can also act as predators of coral polyps and fish! Starfish probe their prey with their arms before enveloping it in their bodies. Once inside, their stomachs protrude through their mouths to release acid that dissolves the inedible shells and operculum before

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