Fun Facts About China

China is an ancient nation with a fascinating past and fascinating traditions. Once considered closed off from international affairs, today it stands among one of the world’s most powerful nations. China is home to some truly incredible cuisine, stunning landscapes and unique cultures; here are some amazing facts about it that you may not know: […]

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Fact About North America

North America attracts tourists from around the globe. Home to famed theme parks and natural wonders, its wide variety of musical genres and diverse culture make North America an eye-catching travel destination. At third in terms of population, Africa is also the third-most populous continent, boasting diverse terrain from glacial tundra and scorched deserts to

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Facts About Extreme Weather

NIEHS provides information about many extreme weather events and conditions, such as heat waves which pose serious threats to health by dehydrating you quickly and inhibiting your ability to cool yourself off naturally. Global warming is increasing the risk of extreme weather events by raising air and ocean temperatures due to human activities that produce

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Fun Facts About Japan

Japan is an incredible Eastern Asian nation, boasting bustling cities and tranquil villages alike. From its unique cuisine to its mysterious customs, Japan has so much to offer its visitors! You may discover so much fun factoids about it here! Did you know that in Japan, green traffic lights are known as blue lights? Or

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Fun Facts About Germany

Germany is an attractive choice for postgraduate students, as this fascinating country hosts some unique characteristics you might be surprised to learn of! There may also be surprises you didn’t anticipate here! Reutlingen boasts the world’s narrowest street. Additionally, Germans are famous for spending more money than anyone else on travel! It’s the birthplace of

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Fun Facts About Australia

Australia is an amazing country, boasting beautiful beaches, summer vibes and an exceptional standard of living – not to mention some of the cutest and deadliest animals imaginable! But did you know it also has some of these species as residents? Are you familiar with Australia and its quirky history? Perhaps its iconic Vegemite spread

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