Facts About Argentina

Argentina offers an intoxicating blend of culture, natural wonders and progressive ideals that captivates visitors from Buenos Aires to Patagonia. A standout among South American nations for its commitment to human rights and environmental conservation – Argentina truly stands out as an unforgettable travel experience. Parents in Argentine culture frequently lecture their children, which should […]

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Fun Facts About Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are some of the most stunning and diverse natural ecosystems on the planet, supporting thousands of animals. Coral may resemble plants, but they’re actually Cnidarian animals (commonly known as jellyfish and sea anemones). Coral polyps possess stinging cells which spear floating plants and plankton at nighttime for food collection, according to Shedd Aquarium.

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Fun Facts About China

China is home to some of the oldest traditions and cultures found anywhere. Furthermore, this vast nation with over 1.4 billion people residing here makes for an incredible cultural experience. China boasts many breathtaking sites, from majestic mountain landscapes and the Great Wall of China to 37 cultural and natural UNESCO sites. Additionally, this ancient

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Facts About the Coral Reef

Coral reefs provide shelter and sustenance to millions of marine organisms, from small organisms like planktonic algae to more complex organisms like human beings. They form in shallow ocean waters near the equator and thrive best when warm waters with clear visibility are available. Corals feed off of tiny algae known as Zooxanthellae living within

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Fun Facts About Egypt

Egyptians created many things still used today, such as medicine, musical instruments, paper, pens, locks and keys, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages and board games. Cats were popular creatures as it is said most households owned one! Egyptian men and women wore makeup not simply to beautify themselves but because it believed that it held healing powers.

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