Spacecraft Model Kits

spacecraft model kits

Those interested in spacecraft model kits have several places they can shop. Revell offers historical spacecraft like the Block 1 Command Service Module and Lunar Module which flew to the Moon.

Other models available are Voyager 1 & 2, outer solar system mariners; Lunar Prospector; Galileo; Magellan; and Mars Global Surveyor – each requires careful assembly with white glue.


Revell took a bold gamble in 1964 by producing Mercury and Gemini model kits as two-model sets with exquisite detailing for retrograde and equipment modules. Unfortunately, sales for their missile line weren’t exactly stellar so Revell made another gamble by entering into this venture.

Monogram’s 1/96 Apollo model was an upgrade over their earlier 1/48 kit with its simplified details, featuring operational features that let you simulate real lunar missions such as jettisoning the escape tower or rotating to twist lock onto CSM and extend landing legs.

The Apollo Lander and Service Module each featured folding doors at their hatches to allow easy access. An ASTP Docking Adapter allowed the two modules to dock together or separately with the Service Module using its flexible arm, while the red SPS Nozzle from Apollo had one less accurate flight path than originally designed due to ongoing development by Grumman.

Rick Sternbach

Sternbach’s artistic endeavors include illustrations for clients such as NASA, Smithsonian Institution and Sky & Telescope magazine. In addition, he worked as design/visual effects artist on Carl Sagan’s Cosmos television show by storyboarding sequences and creating texture maps for computer-rendered space scenes. Furthermore, he co-founded International Association of Astronomical Artists which coordinates projects to support space art.

Sternbach has used his skills as a designer to come up with some alternative designs for USS Enterprise that have made their way into Star Trek canon. Additionally, he runs an eBay webstore selling his models.

Sternbach Model Kits has produced several model kits for space enthusiasts, such as their 1:200 scale Saturn V set. The kit contains new tubing and corrugated “stringer” wraps along with resin spacecraft – an upgrade over Eaglemoss’ previous 1/96 Saturn V release; with superior paint detailing from teeny tiny windows to its red reactor glow, the Eaglemoss version makes quite an impression on display!

Paper Models

Paper model spacecraft kits provide an engaging way for children and young people to experience the joy of model making. While most kits require patience, their results make up for it in spades! There are numerous designs online; some suitable for young builders while others will challenge advanced modelers.

NASA offers free models of its Galileo spacecraft which successfully orbited and eventually landed on asteroid Eros. Furthermore, this project also offers free models of both its SS-520-5 rocket that launched TRICOM-1R cubesat into orbit and Galileo spacecraft.

Paper Shipwright provides boxed laser cut model kits designed to be easy for beginners to assemble, including dowels, rigging lines, eyebolts and blocks as well as paints and brushes for the beginner assembling experience. Each kit comes complete with downloadable blueprint and assembly instructions as well as paint. They’re sold while supplies last – otherwise the company offers an extensive catalog of ship and airplane models which don’t come packaged into kits and has an order form to make the ordering process a simpler experience.


Space modeling involves building scaled reproductions of rockets and spacecraft using plastic kits from well-known manufacturers or designing your own from scratch. Space models may be built for display purposes, educational uses or collecting purposes – kits should always remain in their original boxes to maintain value.

This kit boasts high quality castings and engraving. The decals look excellent and photoetch frets add fine details to this 1/144 Atlas V model. Unfortunately there are some minor issues such as missing escape rocket assembly for Mercury Redstone and slight discrepancies in bracing strut pattern on Apollo Command Module which encumber this masterpiece of accuracy.

RealSpace kits are highly detailed models designed for careful assembly. Ideal for children interested in space exploration and fascinated by all its parts, RealSpace kits have also proven popular among engineers and scientists as part of their training processes.

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