Spaceship Building Game

Players build their spaceship using the Ship Sheet, which contains multiple areas including Messages, Flight Check and Modules.

Modules provide players with a home for their weapons, engines and grav drive. Landing gear, cargo and habs may also be added.

Reactors determine a ship’s class and power. More powerful reactors generate more electricity, and can repair faster when damaged.

Build your own spaceship

Spaceships are massive structures made up of various moving parts. Their construction can range from making use of multiple materials to meeting specific performance criteria – for instance being designed to withstand acceleration/deceleration forces in outer space as well as vibrations caused by maneuvering around and docking with other ships.

Building your own spaceship can be an arduous and complex task, requiring extensive research, design work, as well as collaboration from engineers and scientists. Although many have attempted this endeavour with various levels of success ranging from Mike Hughes’ attempt at flying himself into space using an $20,000 homemade rocket built himself, which unfortunately failed, but only some have succeeded.

Starship Corporation gives you the ability to design every aspect of a spaceship from its positioning of the bridge, engines and generators all the way down to each corridor and hatch. Choose your fuselage before testing your ship on different missions!

Upgrade your ship

Ship parts you add can impact multiple aspects, including cargo capacity, gravity thrust, mobility and hull quality. Some modules such as fuel tanks can enable longer or more frequent travel between systems before needing refueling while engines and grav drives can be upgraded for increased power output.

More powerful modules tend to weigh more, increasing your ship’s mass. This alters various stats such as its hit points (hull) and speed between systems.

Upgrade modules by visiting a ship technician located in various spaceports and landing zones throughout populated Settled System areas. Ship technicians may also help unlock stronger modules which require higher Starship Design Skill Rank to access on their own; additionally, Flight Check’s feature highlights any errors or warnings such as mismatched modules that might arise.

Collect resources

Building outposts, researching crafting recipes, and modding gear require various resources and materials ranging from inorganic ore to organic materials and industrial manufactured items like Adaptive Frames, Monopropellants and Nuclear Fuel Rods that may need to be collected from various planets by spaceship.

Players can earn research points by building spacecraft and instruments at their destination. Each card’s research value can be identified by two icons in its top-right corner; add instrument cards to an already constructed spacecraft in order to increase its research value and durability.

Once a player’s spacecraft reaches its destination, they tally up the research value of each instrument and add it all up; when doing this they earn points according to how valuable each one was; ultimately the player with the most points wins!

Travel through space

Travel through Space is an engaging board game in which players face a series of challenges they must meet using spacecraft and instruments available to them. The goal is to decrease the exploration value of each destination card by performing research with available spacecraft each turn – since spacecraft and instruments add research value, it’s crucial to keep these cards in play until their full research value has been realized.

Each player rolls the dice, with each card representing a challenge that spacecraft must overcome to complete an event. They may add instruments to their spacecraft in order to increase research value; when these reach maximum research value they are “tapped”, and cannot be used until next turn.

Players must also carefully consider the power source for each spacecraft and instrument, from solar or RTG powering through to battery operation. Both types can be affected by radioactive or solar events at their destinations; some spacecraft have special abilities that help mitigate such effects.

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