Satellite Weather Karachi

The Indus river engulfs entire villages in Pakistan in this satellite image, showing how devastating this year’s monsoon rains have been. The flooded landscape has turned normally arid, brown areas into a huge lake.

Karachi’s current heat spell is expected to break today as the city is likely to receive showers, Chief Meteorologist Sardar Sarfaraz said Tuesday.

Weather Forecasts

Weather satellites provide forecasts for the entire world from a low orbit of 500 miles above the earth. They scan the atmosphere by day and night, collecting information that meteorologists use to make weather predictions in newspapers, radio and television. Some satellites also monitor sea-surface temperatures, allowing them to track hurricanes, typhoons and tropical storms. These satellites are able to cover much of the world’s ocean regions and deserts, places which are difficult to cover with land-based radars. Some of the satellites also use infrared sensors to measure the temperature of water and other surfaces, and provide images of the surface in the form of a temperature map. The images are displayed in a range of different shades, depending on the type of temperature. This is an excellent way to learn about the climate of any area and helps us make better decisions about travelling and living.

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