Mercury Quincunx Mars Transit

mercury quincunx mars transit

Mercury transits occur when Mercury travels directly between the Sun and an advanced planet, visible to us on Earth and occurring around May or November. Transits can form conjunction (in the same sign as your natal Mercury), sextile, square or opposition depending on which constellation is involved.

This transit can bring out diplomacy, charm and social graces while encouraging negotiations, presentations of ideas and romantic overtures. Furthermore, it helps develop judgment skills.

Mars Conjunct Natal Mercury

Mercury conjunct Mars can greatly enhance one’s communication abilities. This transit can be invaluable when writing or public speaking; it also can enhance one’s tendency toward arguments and provoke sudden action, so it’s wise to avoid making defense of one’s ideas an integral part of communication; use that energy instead to write or do work that requires mental focus instead.

The combination of two planets creates an intoxicating mix of irritability and intellect, so it is wise to be on guard against arguments that lead to anger and avoid driving or handling sharp tools during this transit, so as to prevent accidents due to sudden impulse responses. Furthermore, this transit may bring health concerns such as fever or eye issues that should also be monitored closely.

Mercury represents communication while Mars signifies action-orientation, making this combination easy for getting one’s message across. People born with this conjunction in their natal charts tend to be confident, self-assured and take the lead when it comes to business communications or engineering projects. Furthermore, this conjunction makes for effective contract negotiations as well as agreements regarding insurance, taxes or finances in general.

Ascending Mercury and Mars can create either soft or hard aspects in our birth charts, with their outcomes depending on where they fall in our charts and which aspects they take up. Some examples of hard aspects are squares, oppositions and semi-squares which tend to provoke stronger responses than sextiles, trines or conjunctions.

Mars-Mercury conjunctions can be powerfully influential for those involved in research and development, providing an ideal time for brainstorming, sharing ideas with others and brainstorming new ones. But due to Mars’ irritability and argumentative nature, this energy may become overwhelming for some individuals. If this conjunction sextiles or trines any other planet it can add even more vitality into a native’s personality – perhaps leading them toward becoming successful lawyers/judges, brilliant political writers or simply having creative minds full of exciting new ideas ready to share.

Mars Sextile Natal Mercury

Transiting Mars in conjunction with your natal Mercury brings mental acuity and alertness. You are quickly able to recognize problems and develop solutions, particularly if working on technical matters. Travel and contract negotiation become easier during this period as terms become clearer; you are also better at convincing others of your point of view – Paddy Ashdown was an exemplary figure who successfully persuaded his fellow legislators for military intervention against Yugoslavia during this period.

As someone with this trait, it’s critical for them to remain self-aware and avoid making offhand remarks and engaging in impulsive behavior. Their formidable energy should be utilized wisely and focused towards meeting goals rather than becoming overwhelmed by minor setbacks. With their courage and fighting spirit they can succeed at any task requiring manual labor or physical effort as well as excel in any creative field that requires plenty of mental or verbal communication.

This aspect between two planets can provide one of the strongest positive influences, offering a boost to your intellect, communication skills, and confidence. It is an ideal time to put forward ideas into action but may lead to heated arguments or disputes with those who oppose you. By harnessing its tremendous mental energy to foster creativity in your life instead of arguments or disputes it could produce positive results.

The sextile is one of three positive aspects between Mercury and Mars; conjunction, square or quincunx would be more restrictive or negative. It’s an extremely useful aspect for people trying to reach their goals more confidently or express their ideas with conviction; its only drawback being increased competitiveness between people competing against one another; however, remembering that astrology can vary according to individual interpretation and this only provides a guide as to its possible influence.

Mars Opposite Natal Mercury

Mars opposing your natal Mercury can make you quick to express yourself and eager to assert your opinions, often leading to heated discussions or debates. By remaining calm and staying focused on facts, however, you may use this energy positively by remaining objective when discussing different points of view; being more aware of others’ viewpoints allows for easier comprehension when making arguments for your ideas; winning arguments when your ideas have been adequately supported can increase.

This transit is excellent for debate and intellectual contests, travel or communications related to business, work and personal matters such as insurances, joint finances, inheritances, alimony or any legal agreements related to them. Furthermore, it benefits those working directly with their hands such as construction engineers or military specialists.

Negative aspects of this transit include being put on the defensive when communicating with friends and arguing frequently – this can be very tiring and it is essential that when speaking to your friends that they remain objective. Do not feel threatened by your opinions or their defense thereof!

As Mercury sextiles Neptune, you will be able to communicate more emotionally with your friends, providing insight into their inner emotions. Furthermore, this conjunction makes you better at seeing the big picture when it comes to friendships; and even helping with any problems they may encounter when necessary.

As Mercury aligns with Uranus, your mind will be quicker to solve problems and find solutions to complex puzzles than usual. Your speaking speed and clarity will improve, as will your communication skills; but this may not be a good time to discuss romantic interests; you may have difficulty expressing yourself and communicating your ideas effectively. Furthermore, accidents and injuries are more likely than usual so use any type of machinery with extreme care and precaution.

Mars Trine Natal Mercury

Mercury in trinity with Mars creates an harmonious aspect that promotes effective communication, intellectual stimulation and assertiveness. Mercury’s intellectual curiosity meets Mars’ raw energy to spark lively debates and lively banter – ideal for discussing even difficult topics without becoming aggressive or passive – making this aspect great for relationships as it facilitates effortless flow of dialogue.

Transiting Mercury sextiles your natal Mars, you are quick to understand different perspectives, express yourself forcefully and persuasively and can make a positive impression with others, leading them to your side and garnering their cooperation. It is an ideal opportunity for making decisions and publicly discussing ideas; just be careful not to become lost in arguments overly quickly!

Mars can be very productive for researchers and writers. Additionally, it gives people who take risks the courage they need to venture further into business or their profession. But its fiery passion can cause disagreements and conflicts if not handled carefully; you may become more aggressive than necessary against opposing views, becoming increasingly argumentative as you identify with them more and more. But if you can learn to compromise, this transit can prove immensely successful for business communication or engineering projects.

People whose Mercury and Mars are aligned have strong imagination, creativity and craft skills. Additionally they tend to be mechanically proficient, have a keen sense of empathy, are quick thinkers who don’t like being bored and enjoy talking to people; these individuals tend to be friendly yet can sometimes be mean-spirited; these qualities make them great candidates for politics, law enforcement and business roles.

When Mercury squares your natal Mars, you could become more irritable and argumentative during conversations with friends and family members. While you may become defensive of your beliefs and ideas, remember to listen and respect other’s points of view; overdoing it may result in lack of communication and misunderstands.

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