Choosing a Mercury Or Suzuki Outboard

Suzuki revolutionized the industry when they unveiled a 600 horsepower V-12 outboard that revolutionized power and performance. Their flagship DF350A included many industry-first innovations such as two contra-rotating propellers to maximize power, improve hole shot performance and facilitate low speed maneuvering.

Break-in procedures must be observed when purchasing a new outboard to maintain its warranty and the assistance of an authorized dealer is essential to this process.

1. Power

One of the key considerations when purchasing an outboard motor is power output. Although manufacturers typically provide similar specifications across their engine lineups, any differences could be considerable depending on your boating needs and local conditions.

Boaters seeking 200hp outboard motors have several choices available to them. Mercury Marine provides V6 and V8 200 models; Yamaha offers four and six cylinder options in this horsepower range; Suzuki recently unveiled their four cylinder 200 model (2021); Torqeedo and ePropulsion are making waves with their electric outboard offerings as well.

All major outboard engines used to produce two-stroke gasoline outboard engines; however, new emissions regulations require them to drastically rethink their designs and develop cleaner-burning four-stroke technology instead. While this was initially difficult for producers, fuel efficiency and performance have greatly increased since.

Outboard engine makers strive to remain market leaders by refining their engines to make them as quiet and smooth as possible, one major improvement being electronic fuel injection (EFI), which allows an engine to run optimally by precise control over air and fuel intake, improving reliability as well as overall operations by decreasing maintenance requirements.

Manufacturers also manage the power they produce by adjusting the gear ratio in the lower unit. Gear ratio refers to how long it takes the engine to turn the propeller one revolution, and manufacturers will make adjustments according to torque, shaft diameter and pitch requirements.

Manufacturers provide owners with accessories designed to help keep their outboard engines performing at peak condition, including digital gauges for monitoring engine oil pressure and temperature, transom-mount trolling motors and more.

2. Efficiency

Mercury Verado V10 series outboards combine innovative SmartCraft technology with advanced digital controls for an unsurpassed boating experience. Fuel economy of these four-stroke outboards exceeds competitors in their class for increased acceleration, top speed potential and fuel savings – providing power without compromise!

The Suzuki DF150A and DF150AP four-stroke engines are among the largest 150hp four-stroke engines on the market, providing maximum propshaft horsepower at 3600rpm with multiple gear ratio options to meet various applications. Furthermore, their lightweight nature – at only 235kg mechanical control model or 241kg for digital control version – enables them to carry larger propellers than its competition for exceptional top end and acceleration performance.

Both engines are simple and straightforward to maintain and use, with their straightforward designs that require far fewer maintenance hours than 16-valve twin cam engines. Both come standard with an intuitive digital gauge display that’s easy to read, as well as battery switching capability and mechanical shift; plus they’re compatible with Mercury’s Joystick Piloting system and can accommodate either hydraulic or mechanical steering for use as a repower engine option.

Honda’s BF60A outboard engine offers casual boaters an affordable way to access power. Equipped with three cylinders and inline four stroke technology, an overhead camshaft operating eight valves provides outstanding low and mid range power with smooth throttle response for smooth boat operation.

Merc Racing 450R provides high-performance enthusiasts with unrelenting power, making for a superior boating experience, suitable for any fishing trip or family outing. Equipped with a 4.6-liter Verado powerhead coupled with a supercharger to produce 450 peak propshaft horsepower and 40 percent more torque than its inline six-cylinder counterpart, the 400R. At over 300 pounds lighter than competitors in its category and industry-leading power-to-weight ratios it effortlessly propels large, heavy hulls loaded with passengers, fuel, bait or equipment; making for an outstanding boating experience that stands up well for any fishing trip or family outing

3. Durability

Every boater knows that having a durable and reliable outboard is crucial, whether for work or recreation. From 2.5 HP portables to 400 HP Verado outboards, Mercury or Suzuki outboards are built for durability – be it portables of 2.5 horsepower or 400 horsepower models. Both brands offer wide selections to meet every boater’s needs while both come backed by factory warranties and extended service plans to help protect your investment and get maximum return from it.

Although both brands produce quality outboard engines, Yamaha outboards are known for their durability and efficiency while Suzukis are often considered budget versions of Hondas. Either way, both engines are built to last and come with competitive warranties.

Atlantic Outboard provides a full line-up of Mercury and Suzuki outboard motors, in addition to stocking an extensive inventory. Both manufacturers also provide flexible financing solutions so you can hit the water sooner.

Mercury outboards will see some exciting additions for 2022 model year, such as a lighter and more efficient 250 horsepower FourStroke XL engine that delivers fast acceleration with exceptional fuel economy. Furthermore, two all-new V10 350 and 400 horsepower Verado outboards from Mercury will debut, offering class leading speed power and efficiency.

Suzuki recently introduced updates that enhance both performance and maintenance on popular outboards, such as their portable outboard the DF60A portable. For example, its gear case uses a more compact design, reducing oil requirements by approximately 40% and improving access for changing it without taking apart the engine. Furthermore, their improved lower unit design delivers better fuel economy without compromising thrust capabilities.

Owatonna Marine offers highly reliable outboard engines from both brands. However, for maximum performance and safety it’s essential that break-in procedures be observed carefully. Not only will this ensure that the engine is correctly seated but it will also familiarize you with its operation and help avoid warranty voiding delays and potential wear-related problems later. Failure to abide by recommended break-in procedures could potentially void your warranty and lead to premature wear that could potentially become dangerous and costly issues in the future.

4. Reliability

Mercury or Suzuki outboards have earned themselves a sterling reputation for reliability, providing smooth rides without noise or issues for years. Few other outboard manufacturers can match Mercury and Suzuki engines’ superior construction; their durability makes them unmatched performers in the industry.

Suzuki is the second-largest 4-stroke outboard manufacturer with an extensive line of 2hp to 200hp engines, featuring innovative technology and advanced design features that make their engines some of the most durable and reliable available on the market. They also provide competitive warranties to provide peace of mind.

I first tested the portable Suzuki DF6 outboard engine back in 2002, and 13 years later it still holds up well. Its design was geared toward outstripping competition; this goal was met through its superior powerhead with gear-driven pushrods operating rocker gear and two valves; plus its carbie located atop of cylinder with exhaust below, creating cross-flow cylinder head performance and efficiency. Furthermore, its thermostatic heating allows fast start-up from cold conditions; plus its massive 0.7-litre sump handle oil dilution much better than any Merc F6.

Today, the DF6 remains one of the most sought-after portable outboards and its siblings are available with 50hp, 60hp, and 80hp EFI four stroke engines that provide fast acceleration with great fuel economy and are easy to maintain when regularly serviced by an authorized dealer.

The Yamaha DF200 outboard engine is another popular model from their lineup and was recently updated with an enhanced gearcase that increases low gear ratio from 2:1 to 3:1, enabling it to spin a bigger propeller and boost top end speed for greater top end speed and top-end acceleration. Ideal for smaller boats such as tinnies and centre consoles.

If you are in search of a new outboard engine, contact Atlantic Outboard today! We specialize in matching our clients with their ideal outboard model while offering fast turnaround on special orders. With Yamaha, Mercury and Suzuki outboard engines in stock – Atlantic Outboard looks forward to helping repower their vessels with reliable outboard engines from one of these industry leaders!

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