Spacecraft RV Price – Luxury on Wheels

Personalized designs and upgraded finishes come at a premium, costing more than mass-produced RVs. Space Craft makes custom trailers up to 57 feet long which require a semi-tractor truck for towing.

West-central Missouri company RV Creations takes great pride in its “anything is possible” philosophy, meaning they’ll do everything possible within physics and regulations to craft your RV of your dreams.


Spacecraft’s flexible approach to custom trailer design and layout attracts an eclectic clientele of road ramblers – circus performers, contractors and movie production companies among them. Their custom features also differentiate them from mass-produced units; for instance fully ducted fiberglass ceilings add function and durability in living areas.

Custom RVs from Spacecraft RV are often heavier than factory-produced units; thus requiring a one-ton vehicle to tow them. Their heavy construction features welded chassis, one-piece fiberglass roof/ceiling unit with quality materials throughout its entirety and superior craftsmanship throughout.


Space Craft trailers require high-grade materials and construction techniques, including custom welding of its chassis, molding of fiberglass roof and ceiling panels, and custom cabinetry designs – which explains their high cost.

Spacecraft Manufacturing does minimal marketing, with a wait list that often lasts over one year. Yet they consistently do business with wealthy retirees, performers and others looking for luxury living on the road.

At their West-Central Missouri HQ, staff prides itself on an “anything is possible” attitude. Interviewing prospective buyers to understand their road rambling lifestyle before walking them through various design and layout options available to them.


Spacecraft RV of Missouri takes luxury on wheels to new levels by building their trailer-based RVs lightweight enough to be easily towed by common personal vehicles, enabling it to include features like tile floors and dual pane windows.

Spacecraft’s mother and son team excels at customizing trailers to meet client specifications, paying special attention to details like fully ducted fiberglass ceilings that combine function, durability and beauty into each trailer they create.

Their business primarily relies on traveling performers and local fairgrounds, so their products must be highly durable. Although their 57-foot fifth wheels require larger dually trucks to pull them, they’re packed with quality features for long term reliability and style.


Spacecraft Manufacturing of West Central Missouri offers custom trailers of every shape and size to its customers within regulations, imagination and physics limitations. Their specialty lies in creating trailers tailored exactly to the customer’s desires – which may range from classic vintage trailers to futuristic concepts!

They can assemble a 57-foot fifth wheel with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and an onboard office, for instance. In addition, they offer plumbing installations as well as tile floors and dual pane windows.

Spacecraft’s design process is collaborative and inclusive of their client. They even encourage them to set up the rig themselves and remain inside it for several days to make sure everything runs as expected.


Space Craft factory employees in west-central Missouri take an open approach when it comes to custom trailer design. Employees interview prospective buyers about their road rambling lifestyles before discussing all possible design options before finding out exactly what their customer desires from their trailer.

Space Craft’s innovative slide-out rooms are constructed using only fiberglass sheets with no screws embedded beneath the floor, making them simple to access and leak-proof.

Attention to detail and high-grade materials add up over time; ultimately, a luxury RV will cost a premium price tag.


Space Craft in Missouri can make any dream a reality by custom building giant fifth wheels from 30′ to 57′ long, outfitted according to your specifications.

Space Craft takes great pride in its superior construction. While other brands build their slide-out rooms using multiple joints and rows of screws, Space Craft uses one sheet of fiberglass without screws to ensure a leak-proof design for their slide-out rooms.

The result is a luxurious mobile home on wheels that provides full-time travel while providing mobility.


Spacecraft doesn’t sell RVs directly to the general public; instead, they offer custom designed and built RVs within your regulations, imagination and budget – as stated on their website.

Your architect or interior designer will help you devise a floorplan to match your lifestyle, from how many bedrooms and trailer length to pick.

Space Craft trailers differ from other RVs by being purpose built for comfort and luxuriousness, prioritizing durability and maintenance ease while placing crucial components within easy reach of key areas of their design.

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