Spacecraft Landing on Mars

After making its journey across Mars’ harsh atmosphere, a spacecraft successfully arrives at its destination and sends back information on its weather and geology. Curiosity has found evidence of long-lived, potentially habitable conditions in Gale crater on Mars and discovered minerals typically formed from water sources. Mangalyaan India’s Mars Orbiter Mission Mangalyaan outlived expectations after […]

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The Red Planet Upgrah

Ancient astronomers were mystified by the Red Planet’s seemingly random movement across the sky, sometimes moving in line with its celestial neighbors (prograde motion) or in reverse (retrograde). Although Mars and Earth share many similarities, they differ greatly in many aspects. Atmosphere Mars has an extremely tenuous atmosphere with pressure that is less than 1

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Is This Alien Or Spacecraft Wreckage on Mars?

Images showing what has been called “otherworldly wreckage” on Mars have made headlines recently, yet the debris seen is actually parts of landing equipment used during NASA’s Ingenuity and Perseverance missions in 2021. NASA reports that both its parachute and cone-shaped backshell were released at incredible speeds upon entry to Mars’ atmosphere, though their coating

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