Spacecraft Definition

Spacecraft are vehicles capable of transporting cargo or people beyond Earth’s atmosphere into space, consisting of a structural subsystem to bear launch vehicle loads as well as power, communications and navigation subsystems. The navigation subsystem determines a spacecraft’s position and orientation within space. Additionally, it allows it to respond to commands transmitted from ground control. […]

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Spacecraft Definition

Spacecraft are vehicles designed to travel beyond Earth’s atmosphere into interplanetary space or orbit planetary bodies, with systems and instruments to withstand its hostile environment. Instruments may record characteristics of phenomena close at hand, as with polarimetry; or at greater distances with remote-sensing instruments like radar imaging. These latter tools typically create images by analyzing

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Spacecraft Meaning

Spacecraft are vehicles designed to explore outer space. Piloted or unpiloted, spacecraft are deployed into orbit for collecting data or carrying out other functions that must withstand its harsh environment. Reentry requires spacecraft to withstand intense frictional forces that create intense heat; to protect itself against this risk, spacecraft must feature a thick body. Definition

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Spacecraft Synonyms and Antonyms

Spacecraft are vehicles designed to travel and operate in outer space, from satellites orbiting Earth to manned space vehicles like the Moon-landing Lunar Module and robotic probes exploring other planets. Spacecraft are typically composed of seven engineering subsystems: Structure, Attitude Determination and Control, Onboard Data Handling, Communication, Power Management Thermal Propulsion Propulsion Payload Definition Spacecraft

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