Satellite Weather Vadodara

satellite weather vadodara

Environmental satellites, also known as weather satellites, are constantly orbiting the Earth. They make atmospheric observations that are ingested into numerical weather prediction (NWP) computer models.

They are crucial for making accurate weather forecasts that protect life and property. They also allow meteorologists to monitor storms around the world, identify volcanic ash and smoke from wildfires, and track hurricanes.

Weather Forecast

Satellite weather vadodara is your one stop shop for the latest weather related information. The weather forecast provided by this website includes all the important tidbits from temperature, wind speed and rainfall to humidity. The site also has a large selection of interactive forecast maps where you can view the temperature, cloud cover and weather conditions on an interactive map with animation. The weather data from this website is provided in both hourly and daily intervals, making it easier to plan your day. This site is also the place to find out about the latest weather alerts and warnings for Vadodara and Gujarat. This section of the site will be updated regularly with new forecasts and alerts. The weather forecast is provided in both Hindi and English languages.

Weather Alerts

Satellite weather vadodara is an online service which displays the latest weather alerts from various stations in Vadodara. The service offers a wide range of information on the weather condition including temperature, humidity and wind speed. It also gives a forecast for a particular location and time. The service is updated every six hours. You can see the alerts on your mobile phone, computer and TV.

The weather in Vadodara on Monday is expected to be clear and sunny with few clouds. The temperature is expected to reach 35 degrees Celsius. The wind is likely to blow from the west. During the night, the temperature is expected to dip to 25 degrees. The average humidity is 40% and the dew point is 14 degrees. The UV index is 11 which means that you should protect yourself from the sun. It is advisable to wear long-sleeved clothing and closed shoes when going out.

Rainfall Forecast

Rainfall in Vadodara is expected to be light and mainly dry today. During the day, a mix of sun and clouds is likely to make it feel sunny. During the night, clear skies are expected to prevail. The temperature is expected to remain above 35 degrees Celsius throughout the night.

On Monday, the temperature in Vadodara is expected to reach 24 degrees Celsius. During the day, a breeze is expected to blow from the west at a moderate speed.

During the night, the temperature in Vadodara will drop to 26 degrees Celsius. The wind will be light and mainly dry.

The rainfall forecast provided by satellite weather vadodara is not exact and does not predict every single rain or snow event that will occur during the month of June. However, it will give you a general idea of the rainfall risk for the next 30 days.

There are a few parts of the state that are at risk of receiving heavy rains. These areas include South Gujarat and Saurashtra.

In South Gujarat, the rainfall is expected to be heavy for the next five days. The intensity of the rains is expected to drop by July 15.

Similarly, in Saurashtra, there is a chance of receiving normal rains for the next three days. The Met department has issued an orange alert for the region and warned people not to venture out in unsafe areas or move to a safer place if they are living in low lying areas.

Meanwhile, Gir-Somnath and Junagadh districts in Saurashtra received good rains on Wednesday morning. According to the data from the State Emergency Centre, Kodinar received 46 mm rains, Mangrol taluka 43 mm, Kalyanpur 33 mm, Satlasana 27 mm and Sutrapada 19 mm.

The rains in Gir-Somnath and Junagadh were caused by a low pressure system in the Arabian Sea. The weather agency has forecast that the rainfall in the coastal areas of Gujarat is likely to be heavy over the next four days.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an orange alert for Mumbai and Thane. It has also forecast a peak in rainfall for the city and its neighbouring districts during the next three days. In addition, it has also predicted that there could be a lot of rains in the ghats of Maharashtra within the next two to three days.

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