Spacecraft RV for Sale

spacecraft rv for sale

Spacecraft produces luxury fifth wheels and semi-trailers designed specifically to each buyer, drawing in customers such as RVers, traveling performers, film production companies and travel agencies.

Fifth wheel campers resemble residential homes and can be customized according to a customer’s specifications, making them perfect for camping adventures of any length and purpose. Due to their massive size, however, semi-trucks must be used for transport purposes.


Spacecraft trailers tend to remain within families or be sold exclusively. Due to their length, these RVs require semi-tractors for towing purposes and therefore should never be seen for sale on the open market.

Space Craft Manufacturing of Concordia, Missouri manufactures this 57-foot fifth wheel trailer. They specialize in both residential and cargo trailers; customers include traveling performers as well as fairground exhibitors looking to take their show on the road.

Each trailer is handmade to order, offering buyers a wide variety of customization options including wall and floor coverings, window treatments, cabinetry wood (birch, maple, cherry and walnut are available), carpeting, laminate flooring tile flooring tiling as well as upholstery fabrics and stains for furniture upholstery and staining. Customers can either visit Concordia factory to make selections personally or purchase an abbreviated selection through mail orders – plus full line of appliances and accessories from this company!


SpaceCraft Manufacturing may not be well-known for their fifth wheels, but their 57-foot RVs are something special. Constructed by mother and son duo prior to being acquired in 2018, these RVs built by SpaceCraft were known for being highly durable while still emphasizing comfort – unlike mass produced RVs which all aspects are initiated and completed within one facility.

This company offers unlimited customization to their customers, making each trailer truly individual. RVs are built according to each customer’s specifications including custom floorplans and interior designs as well as furniture or appliances desired by them.

RVs of this size can be expensive to own and keep running smoothly, sometimes costing over $250,000 which most people cannot afford. Furthermore, these heavy RVs require a powerful truck for transportation – due to this cost factor most SpaceCraft trailers are passed from family member to family member or sold privately instead of being publicly listed for sale.


Space Craft Manufacturing’s west-central Missouri headquarters embrace an anything-is-possible approach when creating custom trailers. Each customer is interviewed, discussed their lifestyle and then designed an RV that best meets their individual needs – for instance a fifth wheel with rear master bedroom accommodations, an onboard office for conducting business while travelling or even an 6-foot shower!

The trailer designed by this company features a solar power system and large lithium battery bank to enable off-grid capabilities with high comfort and environmental responsibility, including residential-style appliances as well as an LG mini-split air-conditioning system that reduces energy usage by up to 65%.

This trailer boasts a convertible garage spacious enough to transport and charge a small electric vehicle, complete with charging station. Its impressive specifications give a glimpse into the future of off-grid camping, with this unit set to make its debut appearance at 2023 Florida RV SuperShow.


Spacecraft has been crafting recreational vehicles since the 1970s. Beginning as a fifth-wheel trailer manufacturer, Spacecraft now produces travel trailers, park models and Class A motorhomes. Each luxury RV can be custom made according to customer requests with various options and built to last over time so as to retain their value over the course of many years or decades.

These RVs may be costly, but they provide luxury and functionality at a very high level. Furthermore, they provide an ideal way to escape the busy life that many of us lead today. Unfortunately though, not everyone can take advantage of such RVs; most regular trucks cannot pull the extra weight.

Spacecraft RVs offer all of the bells and whistles for those in search of an elegant RV with plenty of amenities, yet stand out with their distinctive features that set them apart from other trailers. At 57 feet fifth wheels they boast extensive customization, amenities, as well as distinctive qualities that set them apart.

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