Mars Planet Traits

Mars, located approximately half the way out from the Sun, is the fourth planet from our Sun. It is approximately half as large as Earth and has approximately half its mass.

Mars likely features a dense core composed of iron, nickel and sulfur; this solid core is surrounded by an outer mantle composed of peridotite.

When benefic Mars rises in a horoscope, it denotes trust, courage and solid strength – qualities which often characterise soldiers, police officers and people dealing with weapons and ammunitions.


Mars in Aries provides energy that inspires courage, assertiveness and leadership abilities. People with this placement tend to be strong-willed and fearless defenders of themselves and those they care for; as well as very competitive with quick aggressive reactions.

Mars in Aries makes them well suited to careers in law enforcement, military service, sports and fitness, where their physical prowess will enable them to excel. Furthermore, having Mars in Aries can also benefit artists wishing to create work that provokes thought or is provocative in nature.

Sexually, people with this placement tend to be libido-friendly and enjoy exploring their own passions. While impatient and impulsive tendencies could present problems for these individuals, learning how to better regulate emotions and stay in control of behavior may help. They take rejection hard but can quickly recover from setbacks in relationships. They prefer being the center of attention in romantic endeavors while their confidence often encourages others to follow in their steps.


Mars in Taurus can help those pursuing goals, asserting themselves and exploring primal sexuality to take effective steps in pursuit of these objectives. These people don’t shy away from combat, yet know it is best to plan strategically and pick your battles wisely; rather than spending energy trying to beat everyone to it they prioritize important tasks as priority goals.

These people exude an attractive blend of strength and calm that makes them instantly attractive to others, and are known for their impeccable work ethic. Although they may float from career to career until finding what suits them best, once they do settle on one, they tend to stick with it long term.

Relationally, these people tend to be sensual and possess an inner attraction capable of drawing people towards them. Loyal to their partners and seeking long-term commitment, these people enjoy sharing both joys and sorrows together in relationships that last. Although sometimes stubborn when angry, once calm they tend to be easier than ever to please.


Mars in Gemini brings with it intellectual energy and the desire to communicate. Individuals with this Mars placement tend to adapt quickly and enjoy engaging in stimulating debate.

People in their 20s can be extremely inquisitive and adventurous, which makes for entertaining dates; however, they may also be restless and fidgety. Many express their energy through musical instruments or video games – something rebellious types may find difficult.

In relationships, Pisceans can be passionate and romantic. While they possess great skill at romance, they tend to flirt more than be faithful – preferring instead multiple partners than just one. Their ideal partner would be intelligent yet enjoyable; being gregarious means they know many different people from various backgrounds which keeps life interesting and fresh for them. Furthermore, being one of the least judgmental signs means they won’t hold anything against anyone who may seem quirky or different from themselves.


Mars in Cancer can be an amazing sign for someone with lots of love to give but difficulties expressing it. These individuals tend to be highly sensitive, moody and protective of those they hold close. Like a mother grizzly protecting its cubs, they will go to great lengths to ensure those they care about remain protected from harm. On the downside, their soft temper can become passive aggressive over time as resentments accumulate against those they interact with if they’re not able to properly express themselves.

Sensual and loyal, sensual men seek stability in all aspects of their relationships – especially sexual ones. When they do open themselves up to someone new, they’re fiercely loyal and resilient when facing adversity in relationships or careers. Their homes serve as sanctuary where they invest their energy creating warm, cozy environments to relax in. Furthermore, they invest significant effort in their career – often being successful in food service industries, travel services or tourism related careers; additionally they value strong father figures who provide protection and guidance as role models.


General Traits:

People born with Mars in Leo tend to be energetic individuals who love life and living it to its fullest. People drawn in by their lively presence are drawn in with delight and charmed by them, often becoming fascinated with them due to their dynamic energy. Naturally confident yet may at times appear self centered or domineering – these traits make for fascinating people!

These people tend to be extremely competitive, hating being upstaged by anyone. Their energetic confidence gives them an inbuilt quality of leadership; furthermore they possess great creativity and willpower.

Relationally, these people tend to be smart and bold. They’re not afraid to express themselves and fight for what they believe in; in return they show them affection by expecting complete devotion from them and showering them with plenty of love and attention in return. In short, these show offs tend to be dramatic and chaotic at times but generally quite fun to be around; their entourage offers invaluable support with a “never give up” mentality.


Virgo, an Earth sign associated with cerebral thought and life’s subtler details, is associated with practical, detail-oriented doers who enjoy helping others and providing services. People born under Mars in Virgo tend to be practical doers who enjoy providing service. Astrologer Roby Antila notes their efficiency and effectiveness; though sometimes overthink emotions or relationships.

With Sun in Gemini and Mars in Virgo in your favor, this Mars in Virgo transit provides an ideal opportunity to shed self-criticism and adopt a healthier mindset as you set intentions for its duration. However, high functioning anxiety may cause this transit to increase nervous energy or make you overthink everything more than necessary.

On July 10, Mars enters Virgo and it may bring with it an overwhelming desire to be more organized and efficient. This transit provides the ideal opportunity to analyze your current situation, tackle an accumulating task list or address health-related matters; revamp routines or introduce wellness practices into everyday life.


People born under this Mars placement often exude an attractive balance of aggression and softness in a harmonious dance reminiscent of tango dancing – something they owe their success in life to. Peacekeepers by nature, these individuals tend to avoid conflicts while standing up for what they believe in without stirring up too many arguments in society; although sometimes feeling internal frustration that never goes away.

Some may view them as overly nice, but their goal is to leave the world a better place. They consider all sides of an issue before making up their mind on how best to respond – often procrastinating as they mull over their options. While often calm in public settings, these types can also let anger fester before blowing up, though rarely openly.

These individuals understand the need for meaning in their lives and strive to fight for what matters to them. Cunning and practical, they know drama can waste energy unless it leads to success; their passions can be channelled towards goals or social interactions and they possess high libidos.


Mars in Aquarius creates people who are generous and affectionate, possess a strong sense of autonomy, and seek connections. While they tend to be open-minded and progressive in outlook, if feeling restricted they may become stubborn or even stubborn in attitude.

Individuals born under Mars in Aquarius tend to work in fields related to social justice, activism and philanthropy – they enjoy working independently while sometimes exploring politics as potential career options. People born with their Mars in Aquarius possess an exceptional capacity for creative problem-solving that often surprises others with its innovative solutions.

Capricorn natives who choose Mars as their zodiac sign will find that having this forceful presence amplifies these natural traits even further, as this sign is one of Mars’ strongest positions as it’s considered exalted here. They tend to be ambitious, strategic and driven individuals with an eye towards financial security for themselves and their family’s emotional safety.

Like their Gemini counterparts, Libras may get bogged down in details and possess a restless streak which leads them to seek adventure and change wherever possible. Roby Antila of mindbodygreen reveals that these people “live and breathe their work”.

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