What Moon Are We in Right Now Zodiac?

what moon are we in right now zodiac

A lunar cycle is a time of new beginnings, increased energy, apprehension and excitement for what’s ahead. Whether you’re starting a new project, a new relationship or “turning a new page” in your life, this moon is a good time to start.

This week’s full moon falls in Libra, ruled by planet Venus. Watch out for friends bailing, dates ghosting and plans suddenly changing!


The moon, which spends about two to three days in each sign, influences your emotions and intuition. If it was in Aries when you were born, you’re impulsive and unafraid of conflict.

But your impulsiveness can make you impatient, and you tend to react without first checking your feelings or thinking things through. This can lead to stress, anxiety and even a tendency to blow your tops.

Strong-willed Aries can also be stubborn, and Neptune calls them “defenders of justice” who stand up for others. But they also have a way of working through problems, which can help them get through the tough times.


Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, which begins its cycle in spring (between April 20 and May 20). People born under this sign are down-to-earth, loyal, and easygoing.

They also tend to be very organized, especially in their professional lives. When they are given a task, they will take care of it meticulously until it’s finished.

In love, a Taurus usually hits it off with a similarly practical, thoughtful Virgo, home-loving, money-conscious Cancer, or industrious and tradition-minded Capricorn.

They often seek a long-term relationship or marriage, and are naturally drawn to the bold, passionate, and sensuous qualities of Leo. A Taurus is often a loyal and dependable partner who will support and respect their Leo’s boldness.


Symbolized by the twins Castor and Pollux, Gemini is one of the Zodiac’s most passionate signs. Smart, dynamic, and highly intelligent, it’s a sign that thrives on balancing different interests and hobbies.

It’s also the zodiac’s expert communicator, with a natural ability to shift from subject to subject and get people on board with whatever their opinion is.

While a Gemini’s attention span is notoriously short, they can still be persuasive and incredibly original with their ideas. This makes them one of the most powerful and influential signs in the Zodiac.


The fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer, is ruled by the moon. Those born under this sign are known as “Cancerians.”

This sensitive, sentimental water sign is ruled by the maternal moon. Because of this, Cancers are especially sensitive when it comes to their emotional well-being.

They’re also incredibly intuitive and can pick up on the emotional mood of a room. They’re also very self-protective, which means they often want to withdraw into their shells when they feel upset or uncomfortable.

It can be hard to deal with this kind of energy, but it’s important to remember that Cancers need their space and emotional security. They don’t deserve to be constantly criticized or put down, and it can actually do more harm than good to take things personally.


When the moon is in this sign, there is an intense need to release energy through creative self-expression. Leo moon signs can be a little over the top with their displays of emotion, but they are ultimately children at heart; people who love to play and be free.

When they feel deeply hurt, though, the pride of Leo can get in the way and make them retreat into themselves. If they’re able to find someone to help them through this, they’ll be forever grateful for the support.

They also have a strong need to find love and romance in their lives, which they tend to do through thoughtful acts of affection. However, they should be careful not to romanticize someone too early before they really know them.


Virgo is a practical, refined sign, and those born under it are known for being service-oriented. That means that they have a natural aptitude for organization and details, which can make them an asset in any job.

Whether they’re working on their craft or a relationship, these moon-ruled natives know that practice is key to success and happiness. They’re dedicated to refining their own personalities in order to become their best selves.

While they may be overly critical of themselves and others at times, a Virgo’s tendency to be meticulously analytical can have its advantages. Their brains are sharp and they’re able to spot errors with ease. But their high standards can also create anxiety for those around them. They need to be able to relax and let their minds rest from time to time.


Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is ruled by planet Venus. This air sign is known for its charm, elegance, and romantic appeal.

The sociable sign is also known for its love of beauty and art. It’s a sign that makes big-picture game plans and is an excellent diplomatic partner.

This full moon is a good time to mediate, negotiate a fair deal, and restore balance in your relationships. It’s also a great time to beautify your home space or meditate.

Libras have a gift for calming conflict and bringing peace to difficult situations, but they can also be overly involved with others’ emotional needs. This can lead to enabling or codependence. It can also leave them feeling drained and lacking energy.


Scorpio is a water sign in astrology and ruled by Mars and Pluto. It is a passionate, sexual and profound zodiac sign.

Scorpios seek a partner who can take them on an adventurous journey into uncharted territory – one they can accompany as they go to the outermost regions of desire, explore sex and sexuality and get to know each other on a deeper level. There is a restorative, explorative and even healing quality to their typical sex life.

Scorpios can be incredibly perceptive and are often very good at reading people and knowing when they need some TLC or support from others. They are also very loyal and devoted to those who they love.


Sagittarius, the archer or centaur, is a free-wheeling, energetic sign that heralds change. But their boundless optimism can lead them to take advantage of their luck and wilfully overlook the need to cultivate their best, highest selves.

A fire sign, Sagittarius tends to be friendly and easygoing with Leo and Aries, and can form strong ties with air signs Libra and Aquarius, Teal says. But Sagittarius doesn’t necessarily get along with quieter Earth (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) or water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) signs.

In 2022, discipline planet Saturn is transiting Sag’s chart, urging them to set and stick to priorities that are anchored in their day-to-day lives and surroundings. This might include scheduling family time, cleaning their apartment or moving to a new place. Embracing this process and taking a break from the constant stream of distractions can help them focus their boundless energy on what matters most to them.


Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac, and people born under this sign are believed to be independent, intelligent, unique and idealistic. They are forward-thinkers who are passionate about making the world a better place.

They are also very social, and have the knack of making new friends quickly. They are also incredibly creative, and love to experiment with new ideas and ways of thinking about the world around them.

Their sense of personal independence can sometimes feel overwhelming to those who don’t understand them. However, these people are often very loyal and supportive of others.

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