Mars Planet Jeans


The outer shell of the mars planet jeans is made from ballistic nylon, an extremely durable material used to make World War Two flak jackets. The high-tenacity filament fibre in this fabric makes it incredibly tough, but also gives it an attractive and utilitarian look. It also means that the pants are tear-resistant – ideal for space exploration!

The Mars pants also have Velcro built into them to prevent things like scientific instruments, food bags and screws from floating away in space. This type of attachment has been used on the International Space Station since the beginning and acts as a ‘gravity surrogate’ to help astronauts stay in place during their missions.

As the human body is not designed to withstand space flight, it is important that you are prepared to face the challenges of this new frontier. The mars planet gear set has been crafted with this in mind and it includes everything you need to keep yourself safe, healthy and ready for interplanetary travel.


Space travel is a cool thing to do but it’s not as easy as it looks. The human body needs food, water, oxygen, companionship, sleep and more – and while rockets and lunar landers are the stars of the show it’s the little things that count most when you’re up there. To that end we’ve incorporated two long Velcro strips into the thigh of these pants to help you keep your most important possessions secure. And for the real nerds out there we’ve also included a horizontal fly based on flight suits you can get down and dirty in back here on Earth.


While it may look glamorous, space travel isn’t something that the human body was designed to do. Whether you’re sending off on the Lunar Lander or Mars Rover, you need food, water, oxygen, companionship, purpose and sleep to stay healthy. That’s why our Mars Planet Jeans are made from ballistic nylon — a material developed for World War Two flight suits to protect pilots from shrapnel. Plus, they’ve got eight pockets to help you store gear and keep your hands warm. We even built a vomit pocket for when space adaptation syndrome gets the best of you.

Featuring a horizontal fly based on flight suit designs, the Mars Pants are built to resist the rigors of inter-planetary travel. They’re available today for a retail price of $995.

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