Spacecraft – A Granular Synthesis App For iOS

Spacecraft was specifically created for iOS, with developer Mark Watt describing its ability to turn any sound into an easily playable musical instrument. Two parallel granular engines allow users to customize grain frequency/length, sample position LFO and stereo reverb/filter settings. An innovative grain pitch sequencer and compatibility with MIDI/MPE systems expand performance possibilities further still. […]

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Spacecraft Granular Synth

Mark Watt works by day as a Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems Engineer on European Space Agency missions like LISA Pathfinder; but by night he’s created one of the most intuitively creative music applications ever: Spacecraft Granular Synth. Now available as a desktop VST, this instrument features MIDI/MPE support and live sampling for further

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SpaceCraft Granular Synth

SpaceCraft can transform any sound into a musical instrument with its use of granular synthesis to generate textures, soundscapes and arpeggiated rhythms. Furthermore, its note grid enables control via either MIDI or MPE. Granite’s revolutionary engine combines cutting-edge granular processing technology with per-grain FX. This powerful virtual instrument facilitates creative flow while yielding immediate results,

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