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Play free online Polar Bear games without download on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones without restriction or restriction! Our collection of Polar Bear games offer both educational and fun activities!

Learn and practice counting numbers with this iceberg jumping game! Your children will love lining up the felt icebergs and jumping onto each one!

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1. Polar Tale

Nanu the Polar Bear and her cubs struggle to survive as global warming alters their Arctic habitat. Narrated by Queen Latifah, this National Geographic documentary follows Nanu and her family through various episodes as they adapt to changes such as shorter winters and warmer waters that make hunting, swimming and eating harder than before.

This film is stunning in terms of cinematography, heartwarming storytelling and emotional scenes that may make viewers cry; these emotional scenes are handled delicately so as not to oversanitize life in an Arctic wilderness that is both cold and dangerous – one scene depicting a weak and starved walrus pup which gets separated from its herd and eventually succumbs to nature; another involves a polar bear killing both mother and pup (though this detail is left unseen).

There are also some scenes that could cause distress to younger viewers, including Nanu’s brother being killed by an aggressive male polar bear; death of an undersized cub; seal hunting polar bears which might frighten some children; as well as brief glimpses of polar bear carcass which killed Walrus mother; the killing is depicted without going too graphically into detail.

This film will please audiences of all ages. Both educational and entertaining, it provides a powerful vehicle for raising awareness about polar bears as their habitat continues to shrink and populations decline – an issue which should not be taken lightly.

2. Polar Bear Game

Polar Bear Game is an enjoyable online winter sports game in which you play as a polar bear tubing down an idyllic snowy mountainside, similar to Minion Rush and Temple Run for arcade. As your tube slips down seven whimsical lanes, collecting power-ups while knocking pins off along its path and unlocking adorable Arctic friends as you go!

Polar bears (Ursus maritimus) are Arctic carnivores that hunt and kill seals as their main food source. They inhabit Arctic regions like Greenland and travel great distances searching for them on vast ocean ice floes; being one of the world’s largest predators makes polar bears potentially hazardous to human lives.

Children gain an understanding of polar bear habitat through this high stakes board game. Working together, players determine whether an arctic bear will escape an ice floe or become trapped by a ship’s ship traps – an excellent way to practice math skills while teaching children ways to protect the environment.

Players divide into groups of three to four and distribute the game board, Rules of the Game sheet, cards, puzzle pieces, die and polar bears. A group leader then reads over background information before inviting children to start playing; when one of them rolls the dice the team leader explains how many polar bears or holes or fish can be seen on any one face; for instance a one shows no bears at all while two has several showing.

On one face of each die are polar bears arranged around a five, but without any holes. Teams continue playing until either all civilians and the guru have been killed or two of the four polar bears. Once either outcome occurs, play can continue for as many rounds as desired by all participants.

3. Rescue Polar Bears: Data & Temperature

Rescue Polar Bears: Data & Temperature is an original co-operative game created by Jog Kung and Huang Yiming that offers players an extraordinary experience. Each player chooses a ship from one nation at the start of the game; then each vessel receives power-ups that enhance its capabilities throughout play. Throughout each turn, players get three action points that they can use for various actions such as moving cards around, delivering packages, or using cards as needed.

At the outset of the game, 20 numbered drift ice tiles each bearing a temperature token are spread out among 20 polar bears that must escape their melting habitat to an adjacent tile using helicopter tokens – but only limited number can be saved! Over several turns of play, players move their ships on the ocean, collect data and save polar bears.

Each ice tile can hold up to three polar bears, and every time a vessel stops next to one the players may use an action to rescue one from it and move them to an adjacent tile or science base. Players may use their action to lower temperatures on these tiles by either taking actions themselves or by making use of vessels’ “ice breaking” ability once per turn to take an ice tile off of the board and bring its temperature down by 2degC.

Players can earn Data tokens during the game by collecting polar bears and transporting them to science bases. Each ice tile has a maximum capacity for bears; once filled up they cannot escape. Temperature can also exceed 20degC, and without enough helicopter tokens available to rescue them they may fall in the water, with tragic results: when all polar bears have been saved or time runs out (when time expires or one falls), group scores will be given according to performance.

4. Polar Bear Payback

Players in this game take control of a bloodthirsty polar bear who’s on an epic revenge mission against humans for pillaging his once peaceful homeland. Chomp and claw your way across the frozen landscape while leveling up and unlocking new abilities to help kill enemies or bosses as you progress further into the game – and dodging incoming bullets so as not to lose life points! Your experience will open up new areas that await exploration!

The gameplay for this free online polar bear game is pretty similar to other free polar bear games in that you will move your paws and head around the screen, trying to reach enemies before using clawed feet to strike at them with claws on your feet. Also keep an eye out for predators such as wolves, cougars and other threats such as predatory cats! One unique aspect of this game is using the mouse as the primary control method so you always know what’s going on – an incredible feature in itself!

One of the more fascinating elements of this game is its unconventional style. It has an amusing, almost child-like quality to it, with simple character designs and backgrounds adding to that sense. Though in other genres this would likely be detrimental, here it works well due to the focus on humor.

Polar Bear Payback’s other modes include single-player adventures where players follow the story of a bear who wants revenge against seal hunters who killed his family, as well as boss battles and specific objectives to complete in special arenas. In these modes, players need to complete certain objectives before going head-to-head against the boss for victory!

Not every player will enjoy playing this game due to the bloodthirsty nature of its main character; but those willing to brave its bloodthirsty side can find plenty of enjoyment playing it if they can handle its bloodthirsty tone. PETA awarded this title the Proggy Award; an impressive accolade indeed! So if you’re looking for an enjoyable family-friendly polar bear game this could certainly be worth checking out.

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