Mars Planet Benefits

Mars is the Ruling Planet of Aries and it rules your passion, determination, drive, energy, and self-confidence. It also rules your competitive nature – the basic animalistic, instinctive side of your being that fights for survival – magnifying your desire to achieve.

Scientists have been exploring Mars for decades and are accumulating detailed information about the planet’s history, including the presence of water. This data will be important in the future of space exploration and a possible search for life on Mars.


Mars is a very powerful planet. It carries the energy of fire, aggression and courage.

It is an exalted planet in Capricorn and debilitated in Cancer.

Strong Mars placement in the fifth house gives energy, enthusiasm and physical strength to the natives. It also rules creativity, sex, gambling, arts, entertainment, passions, dating and talents.

Mars also represents blood and connective tissue. It affects the intestine, forehead, muscles near the neck.


Mars is the planet of energy, courage, action and desire. It governs our survival instinct and other natural drives such as aggression and anger.

It is also a planet of conflict, competition and war. Generally speaking, people with Mars in their charts are a little more competitive than others.

They enjoy fighting for what they want, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your own situation.

These are very strong, determined individuals who are not afraid to take risks. They can also be very impulsive and prone to violence if not controlled.


Mars is a fiery red planet that inspires us to rise up and conquer. It helps us fight hard against a challenge, and it also gives us the drive to make something out of nothing.

This energy is usually expressed through actions or physical means. It’s important to understand the reactions that Mars evokes in others, so that you can lead by example and use the planet’s power in a positive way.

As for the Mars-related science and technology, NASA’s Curiosity rover has already done its job of making the planet feel like home, from finding rocks and soil formations that suggest flowing water on the Red Planet long ago to detecting organic compounds in Martian rocks that mimic molecules found in the building blocks of all life on Earth.


Often defined as the ability to resist short-term gratification in order to achieve long-term goals, willpower is often linked with success. It may help people overcome unhealthy habits such as smoking, drug addiction or overeating, or it can be used to make healthy changes in their diets and lifestyles as part of treatment for a chronic condition.

In the past, scientists believed that willpower success was based on a person’s individual capacity to delay gratification. But psychologists now know that willpower strength is a persistent trait that may be influenced by the way we handle emotional stimuli.

In preschoolers, for example, those who delayed consuming a chewy marshmallow were more likely to later score higher on a standardized test than their peers. Similarly, ex-smokers who waited longer to consume their last cigarette were less likely to develop lung cancer in the future than those who gave in immediately.


Mars is the warrior planet, and his presence in your birth chart reveals your boldness and courage. Whether it’s fighting for your right to be heard or proving yourself at work, Mars loves to get stuck in on something that matters.

Assertive people don’t let anyone get in their way, and they don’t take no for an answer. You’ll have an easy time letting this Mars energy do the talking if you put it to good use in your daily life!

When Mars moves into the sensitivity sign of Cancer, however, it can be a bit tricky for this aggressive warrior. He may not be as quick to act as he would like, but he’ll have to slow down and move carefully to avoid hurting others.

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