Spacecraft Beanie

No matter where your adventures may lead you this beanie will take your intergalactic style to new heights. Crafted with super soft fleece material for maximum comfort it is ready for anything winter has in store for you.

Spacecraft Collective of Seattle provides beanies, hats and apparel designed specifically to meet the needs of modern cosmonauts. Company founder Stefan Hofmann met his co-founder while on a two-year research trip in Bali.

The Dock

The Dock is where applications currently running on your Mac can be seen. By default, Mac OS X Public Beta to 10.0 displays applications using a flat white translucent interface similar to Sun Microsystems’ Project Looking Glass app dock, while in Mac OS X 10.1 to 10.4 adding depth with perspective views is introduced as an upgrade option.

By default, icons in your Dock will be shown at full size; however, you can alter this behavior using the Dock & Menu Bar preferences pane. Furthermore, you can control how things animate in the Dock as well as adjust its size or move it left or right along your screen’s edge and more.

When you drag files or folders into the Dock, they become what is known as a Stack. With some configuration settings you can configure this Stack to appear as either a fan grid list composite when clicked.

The Mason

The Mason offers turnkey furnished one, two, and three-bedroom residences that include furniture, linen & bedding, housewares and kitchenware. Every suite boasts digital locks at both corridor/suite entrances; custom veneer corridor and suite doors featuring solid core entry door hardware; durable LVP flooring throughout each residence; sound attenuation in floors & shared walls (per plan); private or Juliet balconies (per plan) as well as gas fireplaces featuring natural stone hearth features.

Attributes must be on a single line. A future version of Mason may introduce more options for multiline attributes, but whenever possible it is recommended to use methods. Methods offer several advantages over attributes, including being more readable in source code and being reused more likely in production environments.

The Lotus

Buddhism reveres the lotus as a symbol of spiritual perfection. This flower features prominently in Tibetan mantra OM MANI PADME HUM, invoking Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara), the Bodhisattva of Compassion. White lotuses symbolize purity and spiritual purity while red ones stand for compassion and love while gold ones represent enlightenment. Furthermore, Percy Jackson & the Olympians characters stay at The Lotus hotel located in Las Vegas – thus paying homage to this symbol of spiritual perfection!

Our Lotus fabric features an eye-catching pattern of delicate white lotus flowers float gently against a Persian blue ground, inspired by Lea Asian Garden’s lotus pond. The design was conceptualized by Saffron Marigold co-founder and head designer Anisha Ghosh who finds nature endlessly captivating and irresistible; she finds the lotus an alluring metaphor for self-realization that’s superhydrophobic properties as inspiring as NASA research suggests: droplets stay put upon its surface rather than rolling off.

The Rainier Pom

Be the ultimate mountain lover with this adorable beanie featuring embroidered pom pom detailing! Perfect for hiking, camping and all things outdoors. 10% of profits from sales of this beanie will be donated to Mount Rainier National Park; please allow extra time for shipping as it will be manufactured specifically for you as soon as you place your order! Made on demand instead of mass production! Cheers & Beers to our Mountain!

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