Spacecraft Fifth Wheel

spacecraft fifth wheel

Spacecraft Mfg manufactures luxury fifth wheels designed and customized by designers for use as on-set trailers in filmmaking or housing and business rigs in amusement. Their RVs can reach up to 57 feet long and each RV is constructed exclusively per order and design.

Interview their clients to assess their road tripping lifestyle before designing an RV that fulfills those requirements, within reason of course.

The 57-Foot Fifth Wheel

Spacecraft RV offers luxurious fifth wheel travel trailers of 57 feet; one of only a few companies that produce this size. Other manufacturers only make up to 40-foot models.

This large travel trailer can accommodate nine guests at one time and features a queen master bedroom, living area, kitchen and office – as well as a bathroom featuring both shower and bathtub for optimal bathing experiences. Plus, there’s even an residential stainless steel refrigerator and stove!

A trailer may weigh up to 37,000 pounds and carry up to 8,000 pounds of cargo, but can only be towed by a semi-tractor. Although an attractive sight, this trailer is only affordable by those of high social standing.

The Price

Space Craft Manufacturing, a small family business dedicated to traveling performers and businesses, designed this custom trailer. A major emphasis was placed on durability.

This company takes an unconventional approach to RV ownership, which may explain why it doesn’t appear among your top RV brands. Their staff of designers help customize your dream RV by placing windows strategically, designing a floorplan and selecting furniture pieces based on what’s most important to you.

They take special requests into account, like oddly sized cabinets to accommodate certain items. All this customization comes at a price, but many travelers are willing to bear it to get exactly what they want.

The Features

Spacecraft Manufacturing is not the kind of company you will find advertised in RV magazines or commercial breaks while binge watching Everybody Loves Raymond; they do business directly with clients to customize trailers according to individual needs.

So they create an RV home that’s both luxurious and practical – not to mention extremely durable – as many are still on the road thirty years later!

Volta Power Systems takes pride in producing everything in-house and pays particular attention to details other manufacturers disregard. This includes creating custom fiberglass ceilings that stand higher than standard fifth-wheel models for easier cleaning purposes. Also notable is their automotive-grade lithium ion system which delivers three times as much energy as traditional systems.

The Design

SpaceCraft Manufacturing understands the significance of durability when catering to performing artists and local fairgrounds, which is why their 57-foot fifth wheels are handcrafted from scratch with buyer participation involved throughout. Beginning with an empty sheet and drawing out every element of comfort and functionality on it – every RV comes out completely unique!

They don’t outsource anything either; employing their own welders, electricians, painters, insulators and fabricators for quality control purposes and take great pride in having full-time use trailers still out on the road after twenty or thirty years of full time usage. Furthermore, they take an intimate approach when meeting with customers, interviewing them about their lifestyle needs before crafting an RV that perfectly matches up to it.

The Build

SpaceCraft designs fully customized fifth wheels from 35′ to 57′ in length, working closely with customers to design a rig that best meets their lifestyle – be it an onboard office for your business or an innovative kitchen designed to your specifications within regulations, weight and price parameters.

Spacecraft also offers an assortment of optional features to enhance your RV experience, from solar panels and volt-a-charge systems, which enable users to use their vehicle as portable batteries, to trailers that can serve as on-set trailers for performers in carnival industries or housing units that can easily be towed behind most trucks and are designed to offer maximum comfort for users.

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