Spiritual Horse Names For Horses

spirit horse names

Finding a spiritual name for your horse can be an intimate bonding experience. These distinctive names can convey messages of strength, wisdom and affection to everyone involved.

Moviegoers may recognize Kiger Mustang stallion Spirit from Dreamworks Animation film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron as its leader, befriended by Native American Little Creek.

1. Frey

Frey (pronounced FRY) is the Norse god of sun, prosperity, fertility and ship Skidbladnir which always features favorable winds – it can even be folded together and stored away into its pouch when not being used!

According to Prose and Poetic Edda, Freyja was one of the Vanir gods, brother to Freya and an avid horse lover who kept his stable at Trondheim, Norway, as his sanctuary. Skirnir, Byggvir and Beyla served him.

Skirnismal becomes distressed after seeing Gerdr, and sends Skirnir to Jotunheimr to woo her for him. In doing so he makes her pregnant which serves as an indication that she loves him or not. Frey also possesses geokinesis powers.

2. Goliath

Goliath (Galyat Hebrew Golyat) was an infamous warrior from the Philistine army who stood against Saul and Israel’s army for 40 days, according to tradition. Rabbinical accounts suggest he descended from Rapha, an important figure mentioned in Genesis 6. Traditionally rabbis considered him part of Rephaites race of giants which belonged to this race of giants mentioned therein.

Biblical account indicates he stood over 10 feet tall while wearing armor weighing 57 kilograms or 125 pounds, along with leg guards known as greaves, and a coat of mail.

Kelley and Shapiro don’t hesitate to push their characters in outrageous directions that might remind viewers of shows such as Breaking Bad or 24; yet they manage to balance this realism with an absence of overly-scripted character arcs; such as why Diana and Anton decided to open up tunnels for Littlecrow’s body to be dumped into. We never learn why Diana opened these passages.

3. Hernando

Ferdinand was originally the Spanish form of Hernando or Fernandez and this beautiful three-syllable name with an adventurous spirit has since evolved to its own form of Hernando or Fernandez.

According to numerology, Hernando represents number 7; those who bear this name tend to be studious individuals who enjoy studying things in depth and being aware of their surroundings.

Rain is a sorrel tovero paint horse belonging to Samuel’s daughters Mary-Pat and Bianca in Spirit Riding Free, where she serves as their loyal friend and companion. Although initially reluctant, Little Creek convinced Rain that it should become part of his herd permanently.

To gain more insight into what Hernando means for you, visit our “Hernando in Hieroglyphics” page and discover its true significance – not to mention learn how to write your own hieroglyphic message! It’s quick, simple and completely free!

4. Ira

Spiritual names for horses can draw inspiration from religion, spirituality, culture, mythology or nature – the goal being to find one that honors your bond with your horse while reflecting their spirit and soul.

Ira is an ideal name to choose for a strong, confident, and independent horse or mare. Additionally, this name would work well when applied to an active and fiery stallion or mare.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is an inspiring 2002 family movie about an unruly horse named Spirit on his journey towards becoming domesticated. Watch it together as a family to find your equine’s spiritual name: Mingo from Daniel Boone or Noah (from the Bible are great examples), symbolic and beautiful ways to pay homage.

5. Kano

Kano is the largest industrial center of Northern Nigeria with textile, tanning, footwear, cosmetics, enamelware, pharmaceutical products, plastic furniture production, livestock trading and peanut production being major industries here.

Kano was initially settled during the 5th and 6th centuries by blacksmiths from Gaya tribe who sought iron at Dalla Hill. Bayajidda Abuyazidu’s grandson Bagauda founded it alongside six other “bakwais”, or cities-states from Kano: Daura, Katsina, Zaria, Gobir, Rano and Biram.

Construction of the city walls began under Sakri Gijimasu, while Malinke scholars introduced Islam into both city and kingdom in 1340s. Muhammad Rumfa’s ascension to power in 1463 further Islamized both city and kingdom by expanding Emir’s Palace while encouraging prominent residents to convert.

6. Keefe

Keefe is an energetic Irish name that can be used both as a first and surname. The meaning is: lovable and handsome; noble.”

People with the name Keefe tend to be natural leaders who honor family values. Additionally, they’re great listeners and offer invaluable advice; and often possess strong intuition allowing them to multitask effectively.

Individuals with this name tend to be extremely loyal, yet stubborn at times. People with this name often have difficulty asking for help and may have difficulty accepting it when needed.

Keefe is a boy’s name. Its rashi (Zodiac Sign) is Mithun or Gemini and its Nakshatra Punarvasu/Punartham; there are 5 vowels and 8 consonants in its alphabet.

7. Liborio

Liborio is an energetic man with a touch of brute force who thrives under pressure, quickly adapting to new situations quickly. He prefers practical results over flattery, deceit or pretentiousness.

These traits may make him difficult to live with and must be learned how to control. He should learn how to do so before venting his anger or showing excessive desire.

People born under Liborio’s numerology number 5 tend to explore life beyond their comfort zones and take risks that others don’t dare venture into. They possess courage, ambition and strong willpower which set them apart in a crowd; additionally they’re visionaries able to see beyond things others miss; searching out opportunities that bring change while simultaneously being creative and artistic by nature.

8. Llamrei

Llamrei is a term from Arthurian legend that refers to Arthur’s horse. Additionally, Llamrei is the Welsh term for both Hengreon’s mare and her stallion in Culhwch ac Olwen tales.

People with this name possess an insatiable passion to aid others and have made personal sacrifices to provide care for family and loved ones. They know how to turn negative situations into opportunities. Charitable, loving people by nature, they show kindness towards street dogs while offering help without any reservations to needy individuals in their community.

They possess an acute mind capable of grasping new ideas quickly. Unfortunately, their tendency towards worry may cause health problems like bronchial or cardiovascular issues. Yet these individuals possess deep inner confidence that makes them great people to interact with; finding the best in all. Llamrei is a beautiful name perfect for baby boys!

9. Loki

Spirit, a beautiful buckskin kiger mustang stallion, was chosen as the main protagonist of this movie because of his stunning appearance, strong will, and mischievous demeanor. Through out its entirety, Spirit proves that independence of horses is worth fighting for.

Loki, in Norse mythology, is known for playing tricks on other gods but also helping when needed. He often indulges in playful mischief to get what he wants out of them.

Named for Old Norse loki (net), his name refers both to the fishnets he created as well as his cunning schemes that would trap other gods in hazardous situations, and shapeshifting into different animals and people to get what he desired. A trickster god figure was popular throughout ancient Greece, Rome, Africa, and North America mythologies.

10. Nolan

People named Nolan tend to be highly responsible. They take on any task with precision and complete it flawlessly, possess a strong sense of duty toward family members and friends, as well as being self-reliant by nature.

Spirit, an energetic Kiger Mustang stallion, was the star of the 2002 movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. This documentary-style film shed light on America’s wild horses while also introducing audiences to Rain, who played his romantic interest. Both share a deep bond and understood each other’s secret language. They shared the same blaze mark on their foreheads; hence the Lakota tribe saw them as twins.

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