Ultrasound Machine Price in Pakistan

apollo 11 ultrasound machine price in pakistan

Ultrasound machines work much like cameras to produce images inside of the body that doctors can use to diagnose conditions. Prices of ultrasound machines depend on factors like their type, model and additional probes; additionally you should factor in costs like maintenance and delivery.

Ultrasound machines can be expensive, especially those tailored for specific uses. Furthermore, they may need consumables like pads, lotion and transmission gel.


Ultrasound machines produce images of people’s internal body structures using ultrasound waves. Doctors utilize them to examine a developing fetus, abdomen and pelvic organs, muscles and tendons, heart vessels, as well as vessels in general. An ultrasound may also be known as a sonogram or echocardiogram when imaging cardiac structures. Portable ultrasound machines can be easily transported between hospitals or clinics and used anytime for patient monitoring – acting like a special camera that peers into our bodies to provide vital insights into patient wellbeing.

Cost of an ultrasound machine depends on its size, features and the number and types of compatible probes it supports. A general imaging economy machine with no specialty-focused probes could cost Rs 10-12 lakhs while specialty focused models like the GE Voluson P series for Women’s Health or Logiq series for shared service ultrasound would typically offer more sophisticated hardware/software that makes them significantly more costly.

The V8 ultrasound system not only offers excellent image quality, but it also comes equipped with advanced software designed to make medical images simpler for physicians to interpret. BatteryAssist feature provides up to 20 minutes of battery power backup when AC power fails; additionally it reduces fan noise with its eco-friendly resin cover on its air vent exterior and can accommodate various configurations to meet clinical requirements.


An ultrasound machine is a piece of medical equipment used to produce pictures of the insides of your body that generate images for diagnosis and treatment purposes. Ultrasound machines are often portable, portable enough for easy movement between rooms and have color doppler capabilities to detect problems quickly and guide surgeons during surgery procedures.

Costing of ultrasound machines varies significantly based on brand and model. As more sophisticated machines increase in price, image quality and features may become increasingly important to you as does taking into account additional expenses such as delivery and installation.

There are various ultrasound systems on the market today, each designed for specific uses and benefits. Some are tailored specifically towards women’s health while others offer advanced imaging capabilities and features – for instance GE’s Voluson series ultrasound system is tailored specifically for Women’s Health applications while GE Logiq P8 or P9 ultrasound machines offer general imaging as shared service solutions.

One key factor influencing the price of an ultrasound machine is the type and quantity of probes included with it. Depending on their size and complexity, new machines can cost from several thousand dollars up to several hundred thousand. Linear, convex, volumetric TVS probes are among the most frequently used as well as cardiac probes that may cost as much as $15,000.

Along with initial purchase costs, it’s also important to factor in ongoing maintenance and repair expenses. Many ultrasound machine suppliers provide maintenance agreements that cover costs such as cleaning, repairs, replacement parts and training of staff members.

An ultrasound system can be costly, but you could save money by purchasing used or refurbished models from Ultrasound Solutions Corp at a fraction of retail cost. Their FDA-approved machines adhere to international standards as well as ISO 13485:2016 certification ensuring optimum performance.


An ultrasound machine is an investment and you should ensure it’s protected with a warranty for maximum return on investment. A good warranty should cover repairs, maintenance and other services during its term, saving money long term as well as providing peace of mind that your system is reliable.

Ultrasound machines can be expensive, with prices depending on various factors. Brand, model, age and how new the machine are all factors in its cost; typically higher-tier machines cost more than mid-range systems; newer machines tend to provide better imaging quality and have more features; these all impact its price as well.

Other costs to consider are printer and consumable costs, which range from $1,000 to $3,000. Printers allow you to print ultrasound images, with prices typically falling in between these ranges. Some suppliers may include starter packages of pads, lotion, and transmission gel in your purchase price but you will have to purchase replacements separately as needed. You will also require purchasing ultrasound probes according to your specific needs.

The type of probe you require depends on the kind of scanning you will be performing; general imaging economy machines with four probes (Linear, Volume, TVS and cardiac) typically cost between Rs 10-12 lakh while specialist focused ultrasound machines may exceed this amount. When looking at pricing details you should factor in software version upgrades as the latest ones tend to cost more as well as any costs related to shipping, installation, decommissioning, transportation or servicing as applicable.


The type and cost of probes and accessories required to maximize use of the machine are another key consideration. While costs for new probes vary according to brand (e.g. Philips ultrasound probes are usually more costly than their GE counterparts), software version also plays an integral part; general imaging or shared service economy sonography machines generally need various transducers (Linear, Convex, TVS and cardiac), while dedicated ultrasound machines for specific investigations will come preloaded with their specific sets of software such as Voluson for women’s health imaging while Logiq for general imaging applications.

Final consideration should include selecting between portable or console machines – these two terms do not equate. Portable machines may be smaller and mobile but do not perform all investigations that a console machine can. A black-and-white B&W ultrasound machine, for instance, won’t offer color Doppler capabilities but may still be cost effective for abdominal or maternity scans.

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