JAMIE – Apollo 11 Lyrics

Red Velvet member Jamie (also known as Jimin Park) writes this track about pursuing your dreams and striving to reach for the stars, with lyrics that demonstrate her confidence and desire for success.

This timeless song was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey and serves as a metaphor for being away from home – such as when rock stars or truck drivers travel frequently for work.

1. Engine on ujuro

JAMIE recently unveiled their brand-new single and music video for Apollo 11. This R&B track explores chasing dreams and surmounting challenges, with an infectious melody and lyrics that depict its protagonist’s own growth process and desire to meet their goals in life. It serves as an inspirational song which encourages listeners to pursue their goals regardless of how big or small they seem.

This track opens with the imagery of a rocket launch. The protagonist compares themselves to Apollo 11 spacecraft, suggesting they are making strides towards achieving their ambition even without all necessary resources at hand. They ask their audience for support as they move closer toward reaching their goal.

Jay Park adds to this track with his powerful rap verses, emphasizing the significance of having support when pursuing your dreams. He talks about his own journey and how he strives not to be affected by negativity but instead strives to become his best self. Together, they form an impressive song about pursuing your goals. Don’t miss listening!

2. Three, two, one

This song explores a protagonist’s determination to pursue their goals despite lacking all necessary resources. They compare themselves with Apollo 11, which became the first spacecraft ever to land on the moon, and ask their audience to witness this momentous feat. Not fearful or giving into defeating anyone or anything that threatens to bring them down, their determination makes their voice heard loud and clear!

This song is a gentler R&B tune with soft guitar strings, creating an atmospheric experience. Jamie does an exceptional job of singing in higher registers to add depth and feeling to this track – perfect for people seeking motivational anthems that encourage them to reach for the stars!

“Rocket Man,” composed by Elton John and Bernie Taupin in 1972, is another excellent song about realizing one’s dreams. Inspired by Ray Bradbury’s short story of the same name, in which an astronaut abandons his family to pursue space travel – popular in an age when exploration was at its height – “Rocket Man” remains an inspirational classic today.

This song is an engaging and upbeat track about the main character’s journey through life – love, loss and everything in between. While some might find its lyrics dark at times, this pop-rock tune offers hope of finding someone worthy to share your journey and reminding us all to strive towards reaching our dreams. Everyone should listen to this at least once!

3. Lift off

JAMIE has released another R&B track featuring Jay Park. It is an anthem about chasing one’s dreams and never giving up on one’s goals, likening their journey to Apollo 11’s voyage around the moon – to express her determination to achieve them no matter the obstacles in her way. Jay Park contributes his rap verses further bolstering its motivational message of telling listeners not to allow anyone bring them down.

The music of this track is soft and celestial, with gentle guitar strings and subtle percussion programming creating a dreamlike ambience, giving Jamie’s vocal strength an opportunity to shine; she even sings higher than usual to heighten its heavenly quality.

“Engine on Ujuro, Three Two One Lift Off,” symbolizes the protagonist’s journey toward their goal despite lacking all resources necessary. They ask listeners to watch over them as they take an important step that will one day be written in history books. This moving track gives listeners confidence and motivates them to follow their dreams! ‘Apollo 11’ by JAMIE marks her second consecutive release following R&B track ‘Numbers (feat. Changmo). Composed by Hey Farmer from PRIMFILTER), Shannon and iHwak.

4. Take a step towards your future

JAMIE has released a brand-new single and music video called “Apollo 11.” The soft yet dreamy R&B tune explores her evolution as an artist as well as what will it take for her to attain her dreams. Through confident lyricism, JAMIE expresses her intent not to allow anything or anyone to prevent her from reaching her goals; she compares herself to Apollo 11, the first spacecraft ever to land on the moon, asking her audience to watch as she pursues her ambition. Jay Park adds his support with a rap verse in support of her determination not mattering what others may say or think.

This song was composed by Hey Farmer(PRISMFILTER), Shannon and iHwak, with lyrics written by Jamie Park and Jay Park. Take a listen below! For more updates follow Jamie on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or buy her album now from iTunes preordering!

5. Watch over me

This upbeat song by Jay Park and Jamie is about chasing after dreams and being brave enough to be yourself; not allowing others to drag you down; never giving up; and never surrendering. Written by both, featuring both their rapping and vocal talents; it makes an excellent motivational anthem for those experiencing depression or anxiety.

This song tells of a girl trying to leave behind her past and find herself. It is both heartfelt and touching; its message will surely move listeners. Everyone must listen!

Mila has just graduated high school and is about to turn 18. She decides to enroll in an internship on a farm that serves as foster home for children despite some initial concerns; knowing it’s best for her future.

Mila quickly learns that her new home is haunted, forcing her to combat not only loneliness but also an array of other events surrounding her.

This song’s name alludes to Apollo 11, as its protagonist strives to achieve their dream despite lacking all necessary resources. The chorus asks people to watch over them because their actions will go down in history books; an anthem for all those brave enough to follow their passion regardless of others opinions and judgments – this must-listen is surely one of the greatest inspirational songs ever!

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