Why Blue Sky?

Bluesky is a social network similar to Twitter but not owned by Elon Musk. Despite still being in its early stage of development, Bluesky boasts a substantial user base. Air particles in our atmosphere are smaller than the wavelengths of light, meaning they scatter blue light more readily than any other color – giving the […]

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Why is the Sky Blue?

At noontime, the sky appears blue due to molecules in the atmosphere scattering blue light more efficiently than red. At sunrise and sunset, however, its color changes to red due to light having made its journey through an extended path through our atmosphere. There are various explanations as to why the sky is blue; some

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Saturn Losing Its Rings

Imagine our solar system without Saturn and her spectacular rings; but unfortunately they won’t last forever. Studies conducted over the past three years show that Saturn’s iconic rings are rapidly disappearing into its core at an astonishingly rapid rate – enough water is being lost each half hour for this “ring rain” phenomenon to fill

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What Is Bluesky?

What is Bluesky? Bluesky may resemble Twitter at first glance, with users being able to post up to 300-character messages and toggle between an algorithmic feed and chronological feed. But Bluesky stands apart by being decentralized compared to Mastodon which requires joining servers, giving a similar experience like Reddit but allows users to create their

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