What is a Blood Moon?

The Moon is currently passing through Earth’s shadow, known as its umbra. While direct sunlight may be blocked out by this phenomenon, our atmosphere scatters red light that produces an amber-hued hue on its surface that gives off a coppery-red tinge to give a coppery-red radiance for our nearest neighboring body of water. This will

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Mental Health Professionals – What Do They Do?

Psychologists are mental health professionals with postgraduate qualifications in psychology who work with clients from diverse genders, sexual orientations, age groups and neurotypes. Psychologists focus on understanding their clients’ issues at their roots before helping them make positive changes that enhance wellbeing. Psychologists do not prescribe medication, but can work alongside your GP to develop

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Why Are Skyes Blue?

The sky appears blue due to several simple factors. First, sunlight must pass through an atmosphere composed of nitrogen and oxygen particles that scatter different wavelengths of light in various directions – shorter wavelengths such as blue and violet are dispersed more readily than longer ones, giving the sky its distinctive hue. The Sun’s Rays

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Why the Sky is Blue

As soon as sunlight reaches Earth’s atmosphere, gases and particles scatter it all around in all directions – blue light being scattered more widely than other hues; hence why the sky appears blue. Irish scientist John Tyndall first demonstrated this principle in 1859 by passing a beam of white light through a liquid with floating

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The Sky Blue Infantry

Infantrymen wear a light blue cord around their right shoulder as a symbol of their connection to the branch; this cord is known as a fourrager. Only soldiers and officers with an infantry military occupational specialty (MOS 11A and those who complete infantry One Station Unit Training) may wear the cord. This includes recruits completing

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