10 Surprising Facts About Mexico You Didn’t Know

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Mexico is a beloved travel destination known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture and delectable cuisine – but did you know it is also home to some fascinating facts?

Ancient Mexicans played a ball game using hips or arms to send a rubber ball flying through a hoop. If one side lost, often times sacrifices would occur for those involved in losing.

1. It’s the largest country in the Western Hemisphere

Mexico is the largest Western Hemisphere nation and boasts an ancient culture dating back centuries. Additionally, this diverse nation contains deserts, mountains and coastal plains making Mexico an enticing country to visit.

Mexico is comprised of 31 states and one federal district – Mexico City is its capital – all under one federal system. Mexico enjoys a free market economy and ranks among Latin America’s most industrialized nations; major sources of oil, silver and gold production make Mexico an attractive investment opportunity, offering plenty of employment opportunities and boasting an excellent workforce.

Mexico’s pyramids are among the world’s largest, with Cholula in Puebla actually larger than Giza! Aztecs and Mayans alike constructed many pyramids throughout Mexico for purposes of worship or other reasons.

Mexico City is not just home to pyramids; there are numerous other remarkable structures as well. In 1539, Mexico hosted North America’s first printing press which is now located within Casa de la Primera Impresora – another historic landmark located nearby.

Mexico boasts an astonishing variety of wildlife. The country is home to various birds, mammals and reptiles of every kind imaginable; not to mention big game animals such as jaguars.

Mexico’s vibrant culture can be found in its cuisine, art and architecture as well as its monuments such as Cholula’s Pyramid or San Antonio’s Alamo. Over 69 languages are spoken within its borders; so if planning a visit there, using resources like VRBO, Medjet or other trusted travel agencies to ensure it goes as smoothly and safely as possible!

2. It’s the most densely populated country in the world

Many people mistake Mexico as simply being a country for beaches and sunbathing, but it has much more to offer than that. Home to 34 UNESCO world heritage sites dating back thousands of years; home of ancient ruins, agave fields and some of the most delectable cuisine in the world – Mexico City is even one of the largest and most populous cities worldwide!

The city is an intricate web of narrow streets and plazas that’s easy to become lost in, so the best way to explore is on foot. Daytime visits offer ample opportunity to browse restaurants and shops as you stroll.

Mexico City boasts more than 170 museums, placing it as the second-most museum-rich city globally – second only to London with over 200. Mexico also is home to some of the most well-known pyramids including Cholula’s Great Pyramid built to honor Aztec god Quetzalcoatl and largest by volume.

Mexico lies in the “Ring of Fire,” an area where most earthquakes and volcanic eruptions take place worldwide. Mexico is also home to Cuexcomate volcano – one of only 43 feet high – while its government works tirelessly to protect these natural wonders by creating parks and encouraging ecotourism.

Mexico is also famous for its rich culture, featuring centuries-old mariachi tradition and over 69 different languages spoken within its borders – with Spanish being its official tongue and many native languages like Nahuatl being spoken throughout Mexico for millennia.

Mexican cuisine has gained international renown as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 2017. Not only is its food delicious, but its culture also tells an important tale. Furthermore, Mexico is well known for hosting weekly fiestas celebrating religious holidays, saints and notable figures from its history.

3. It’s the oldest country in the Western Hemisphere

Mexico is widely known to be part of Latin America, yet did you know it’s also the oldest nation in Western Hemisphere? Furthermore, with over 21 million residents spread out among 31 states and a Federal District each with their own laws, police, culture and traditions – Mexico City being home to an impressive 170 museums!

Mexico is widely known for its vibrant art scene, particularly with world-renowned artists like Frida Kahlo. She hails from Coyoacan borough in Mexico City and her paintings frequently documented her struggles as an individual who didn’t fit society’s expectations of women. While she had a humorous self-deprecating side she also showed fierce determination to succeed and achieve greatness.

Mexico is also home to some of the oldest ruins on earth, such as Chichen Itza and Yucatan Peninsula. Mexico City also contains important archaeological sites like Templo Mayor and Santuario de Guadalupe which date back between 1325 CE and 1521 CE and are considered amongst the most important Aztec temples; human sacrifices took place at both buildings until recently when they have now become museums.

Mexico is also notable as being home to one of the highest per capita consumptions of Coca-Cola worldwide: 2.22 liters. In Chiapas State is located Cuexcomate Volcano which stands only 43 feet tall!

Mexico is also an educational powerhouse, boasting one of the oldest universities in North America – National University of Mexico was established by Charles V of Spain 85 years before Harvard! Additionally, tourism to Mexico has long been popular; numerous beaches and historical sites make for popular beach vacation spots while festivals celebrating saints or key figures in Mexican history and culture such as Grito de Dolores commemorates that momentous day in 1810 when Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla made his famous declaration against Spain for independence.

4. It’s the third largest country in the Americas

Most people associate Mexico with mariachi bands, tequila, tacos and beautiful beaches – while these associations are all accurate representations, Mexico offers much more! Continue reading to uncover 10 surprising facts about Mexico that you likely never knew about!

Mexico is the third-largest nation in the Americas at 1,964,380 square kilometres and lies along its borders with the United States to its north, Central America and Caribbean to its south and Pacific Ocean to its east. Mexico is a federal republic consisting of 31 states with 31 senators (with 128 seats each), 500 deputies and 11 ministers on its Supreme Court of Justice for government service.

Mexico is home to one of the world’s largest ancient pyramids – The Great Pyramid of Cholula. Additionally, Mexico features numerous breathtaking natural wonders like Canyon of the Dead and Chichen Itza’s breathtaking ruins. Mexico also has an incredibly vibrant culture which hosts many festivals and celebrations throughout the year; most notable among them being Dia de los Muertos on November 1-2 annually which features elaborate altars filled with food, flowers, and drinks as part of an elaborate memorial event honoring those who have passed.

Mexico is not only an economic powerhouse; it is also a stunning and vibrant nation filled with an amazing diversity of wildlife and cultures. Mexico makes a fantastic tourist destination, and we hope these ten interesting facts about it will encourage you to plan a visit!

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