iDB Wallpapers of the Week: Mars Planet Wallpaper For iPhone 6s and 7

mars planet wallpaper iphone

Planets are a popular wallpaper theme on TikToks and other apps, so we decided to bring them into your phone too! These Mars 2020 Mission images let you witness its surface firsthand! These iPhone 6s and 7-sized images fit seamlessly. Enjoy!


iDB Wallpapers of the Week continues its space theme by featuring NASA’s Perseverance Mission imagery of Mars. These pictures come directly from NASA and showcase its surface features – making these an excellent fit for iPhone 6s, 7 and 8 users as well as iPad Pro users and other tablets. TikTok users have even taken to morphing photos into marbled planets as their background, giving their phone or tablet an individual and distinct appearance!


Apple recently unveiled an amazing feature with iOS 16 called Astronomy that lets users display planet Earth, Earth Detail, Moon and our Solar System on either their Home or Lock screen wallpapers. In addition to this feature displaying your location on Earth maps and featuring a green dot that indicates where you currently are on the globe, some may find this feature to be somewhat intrusive and privacy implications are concerning; to prevent tracking there is a way to remove green dots from iPhone Earth wallpapers altogether.

To change your wallpaper, navigate to the Settings app and choose “General,” followed by Wallpaper & Brightness > Wallpaper Pair > Change Wallpaper, then clicking on “Change Wallpaper.” A list of available wallpapers will then appear, which you can quickly browse by swiping left or right to preview each one before tapping Done to save changes – then use “Set as Wallpaper Pair” from within this pop-up window for both home and lock screens!

Picsart allows you to easily create planet wallpapers. All it requires is an image and some creativity – simply upload your photo, select the CW button from the bottom toolbar, swirl and save your creation as background! Or alternatively you could download one for free at TikToks; these wallpapers often morph pictures into planets before adding a circle in their center for extra personalization.

With Apple’s recent updates to iOS 16, they’ve introduced impressive customization features sure to amaze and astonish. One such feature is Planet Earth Wallpaper, which shows your location on Earth. This can be an eye-catching way of showing off where you live without disclosing too much personal information about yourself. For added customization you could use a software compatible with iOS 16 like UltFone iOS Location Changer that enables users to spoof their location instantly and change it at will.


The moon is an intriguing satellite that graces our nightly lives, as well as providing inspiration for numerous moon-centric TikTok accounts and wallpapers showcasing lunar aesthetics that add something extra to any device.

Make your own marbled planet wallpaper using a photo editing app like Picsart and some clever morphing hacks! Just add your picture, tap “Swirl CW” button on bottom toolbar to swirl, save as wallpaper!

Behold the splendor of space images as your wallpaper on an OLED iPhone.

Solar System

TikTok users are enjoying the latest trend by turning their photos into marbled planets and setting them as wallpaper. This technique can easily be achieved using Picsart photo-editing app with any picture – simply upload a favorite pic, open Picsart and tap “Swirl CW” button until your entire image looks marbled!

Astronomy Wallpapers were introduced with iOS 16 as part of its dynamic wallpapers feature, replacing live photo wallpapers. When setting an Astronomy Wallpaper for the first time, you will be asked for location permissions before setting it.

Apple currently offers five planetary bodies for your exploration: Earth, Earth Detail (which zooms in on your location), Moon and Solar System – each showing an overhead view of our solar system. More options may become available over time but Apple recommends choosing Solar System because it shows all planets as they orbit around our Sun.

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