What Is the Moon Phase on My Birthday?

what is the moon phase on my birthday

Whether you’re a moon fanatic or simply a curious astronomer, you probably know that the phases of the moon have a profound influence on our lives. What you may not know is that, just like the astrology sign you were born under, your moon phase could also tell you something about your personality.

New Moon

If you were born on a New Moon, you’re the perfect example of what astrology calls a pathfinder. These individuals are natural pioneers, gifted with a vivid imagination and an adventurous spirit.

However, they might seem a little bit strange when they’re not out exploring. And that’s because their innate versatility can make them hard to pin down, and difficult to understand.

You’ll be able to plant seeds, conceive new ideas and start projects. But beware, this phase can also be a time for introspection.

Your intuition is at an all-time high, and you might need to make some serious changes in your life before you can move forward.

People born during the Last Quarter Moon are introspective, but they’re also incredibly intuitive and skilled at letting go of old patterns and embracing change. They’re strong and capable, but they’re also prone to holding onto the past.

Waxing Moon

If you’ve been following TikTok on social media, you’ve probably seen people asking about what moon phase they were born under. They’re using it as a way to get a better understanding of their behavior and see how compatible they are with their partner.

If your birthday falls under the Waxing Crescent, you are naturally adventurous and joyful. However, you can also be cautious and conservative when it comes to taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone.

This is because your energy levels are still relatively low coming out of a new moon phase. It’s important for you to keep pushing yourself and not let the nagging doubts in your head hold you back.

Your ability to challenge yourself is essential for growth, but you often need to be pushed in that direction due to your lower energy level and a penchant for security. Embrace discomfort, awkwardness, and struggle as they’re part of the journey to your full potential.

Full Moon

If your birthday falls on a Full Moon, you are astrologically destined to have the most exciting year of your life. This is because Full Moons symbolise the completion of a cycle and a time to celebrate.

People born on a Full Moon tend to get extra impulsive, emotional, and passionate. This is because Full Moons represent endings, achievements, and breakthroughs.

They are a time to reflect on everything you have accomplished, and look forward to achieving more. This is especially true if you are currently in a long-term relationship and are looking ahead to the next chapter.

A Full Moon is also a time to get in touch with your inner feelings, and be more open to those around you. This can make you more sensitive to criticism and negative comments. It can also lead to you feeling more extroverted and connected with your partner.

Waning Moon

The moon, Earth’s one-and-only glimmering satellite, has caught on with TikTok users. They’re calculating the moon phase on their birthdays to better understand their behavior and are even matching it with their partners’ moon phases to see how compatible they are together!

The waning moon, which happens around halfway between the new and full moons, is a time for closure. It symbolizes letting go of the past, and for many, it can feel like a period of sadness and nostalgia.

Those born under this moon phase are often spiritually inclined, and they are psychic sponges who can connect with the world around them in an extremely mystical way. They may never feel like they belong in any specific group, and their unique perspective can put them out of reach from others.

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