Top 5 Spaceship Building Games

spaceship building game

Explore a universe full of opportunities. Build and navigate a spaceship, engage in epic battles, and reach its center – an endeavor which becomes ever more dangerous yet also more fulfilling with every passing second.

Kerbal Space Program is one of the most entertaining spaceship games, providing players with real-world science lessons through its realistic aerodynamic and orbital physics. Sunshine Heavy Industries is another space game which blends entertainment with academia.

Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander

Cosmoteer from Walternate Realities is now available as Early Access spaceship building game to players worldwide and provides them with several modes to explore, such as Career mode.

Create your perfect starship using intuitive ship creation tools that are simple yet challenging to master, then set out into space on an exciting adventure! Earn money for every enemy you vanquish to upgrade and improve your ship!

Your ship’s crew are its lifeblood, operating its controls and transporting weapons and supplies between weapons systems and weapons systems. Battle is thrillingly dynamic and explosively satisfying!

Space Haven

Space Haven, recently released in early access sci-fi game that features base-building management, draws inspiration from Rimworld, FTL and Oxygen Not Included colony sims to offer an engaging colony sim experience that has garnered over 1,000 reviews on Steam already. A distinguishing factor among other base-building titles is the unique granular mood system inspired by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which stands out as being unique among base-building games.

Players can fully customize their ships and stations to their heart’s content and form custom crews that suit their playstyle – be they pirates, slave traders or simply good guys fighting to save humanity from its dying homeworld. Their choices will have lasting repercussions across the galaxy as they search for new places they call home amongst its stars.

Spacelines from the Far Out

Players will experience the thrill of starship piloting in this engaging early access space sim. There is an expansive collection of unlockable ships and systems which can be upgraded, while passengers are autonomous AI entities which respond dynamically to player actions and the environment.

Rosa describes the Sixties as being revolutionary for music, technology, culture, world views, architecture and space travel. Spacelines from the Far Out brings this period’s passion for science fiction together with an eccentric customer service approach for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Players can play alone or with friends and must appease passengers, repair their ship and make it safely to Gambulon V while avoiding space hazards in time. The gameplay combines arcade and strategy elements for an engaging yet challenging yet always rewarding experience.

Starship Corporation

Starship Corporation is an intricate game with many systems to keep up with, yet there’s still enough wit and challenge to keep things fun. Although the construction UI can be somewhat disorganized and some bugs make planning blueprints tricky at times, once you learn how to build ships that meet contract specifications it becomes very satisfying indeed!

At first glance, Kerbal Space Program seems like the perfect game – with its external focus such as hull design and flight dynamics – but Interior Layout Designer takes things in another direction by placing you in charge of designing interior layouts instead. This system works wonderfully well and the fact that these can be put through simulation missions for standard operation, emergency situations and hostile encounters adds even greater depth to this classic simulation/management game. Besides its visual charms it also looks very reminiscent of classic simulation/management titles from years gone by!

Space Engineers

Space Engineers offers an original take on sandbox building games, taking inspiration from science fiction to craft an entirely functional sci-fi world that operates just like it would in real life.

Everything in the game is constructed out of modular blocks with different properties that can be freely scaled to create its final structure. Furthermore, these blocks can be connected together into larger structures like ships and planet bases.

Space Engineers combines all the traditional elements of crafting survival games – mining resources, monitoring dwindling survival meters and manual construction – with some unique systems to enhance the experience. One such system is its built-in volumetric physics engine which models everything like real physical objects with mass and inertia.

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