Year 2022 – Mercury in Leo

Mercury in Leo could cause havoc in your life. This planetary transit could bring about disagreements with family and friends as well as memories from your past coming flooding back.

At this point in time, it may not be ideal to begin new relationships or sign contracts, as tech mishaps could easily arise.


Aquarius, 2019 marks a year of experimentation for you! With Saturn leaving your sign and the new year starting off fresh, now is an opportune time to reflect upon what it is you want out of life and relationships.

Peer pressure and “going along to get along” could play a significant role in your social life during communal Aquarius season 2022, so it is essential that you set personal boundaries and trust your instincts when making decisions this year. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, take time for yourself and re-center yourself when feeling frazzled.

Aquarius, you have an exciting year ahead in terms of romance! By mid-January you should experience an increase in self-confidence that attracts friends and lovers who appreciate your unique beauty; then when Venus and Mars align with Aquarius around early March you may even embark on an unexpected romantic journey!

Financially speaking, 2019 can be an excellent year to focus on growing your savings account and creating steady streams of income – particularly around April when Jupiter transits your house of wealth. Be wary, however, before diving headfirst into any significant investments during 2019.

Your wellbeing may also benefit from an alignment between Saturn and the moon in Pisces, which can assist with emotional balance during stressful situations. Be grateful for what you already possess rather than focussing on what others possess or worrying about what might be missing from your life.

Aquarius constellation is home to an exquisite planetary nebula known as NGC 7293 or Helix Nebula. This beautiful object emits waves of light that span an impressively wide portion of electromagnetic spectrum from ultraviolet through infrared. While invisible to naked eye observation, radio telescopes can pick out its colors. Also, Helix Nebula shares some striking resemblance to our Milky Way, so much so that both may once have formed one massive galaxy at some point in their histories. Thankfully NGC 7293 is located less than 700 light years from Earth making it an easy target for telescopes like Hubble Space Telescope for viewing pleasure!


Year 2022 of the Pisces constellation marks an abundance of love and money. While this is a wonderful opportunity to indulge in heartfelt pleasures, remember that your true worth should always come first and set high standards for yourself. In addition, always have some cash saved aside just in case something unexpected comes your way!

Pisces, you are experiencing a surge in creativity and self-confidence! New opportunities present themselves to you, while your dreams can come true with Jupiter in your solar twelfth house until March 23rd. Now is an excellent time to embark on new hobbies or start side businesses; even starting one could bring out of hiding hidden talents!

However, during the first half of this year your idealistic outlook could be threatened by Neptune’s retrograde cycle in your twelfth house. Dreamy thoughts or illusions could easily cloud your vision; to stay grounded and remember you are tougher than you realize is essential!

Put in extra effort this year and your professional life could really blossom! Jupiter in your career house will bring opportunities to gain respect, earn profits and enhance your workplace image. Furthermore, communication planet Mercury enters your sign late this year offering greater possibilities to expand horizons and connect with people from across the globe.

Saturn remains in independent Aquarius all year, making you more inclined than usual to please other people, particularly romantic relationships. Venus enters your solar sixth house on April 5 and remains there through Monday May 2. Now would be an opportune time to declare yourself romantic or ask out that special someone.

Financially, land and property investments should bring increased income; however, the second half of the year can pose challenges, so budgeting must remain a top priority. Furthermore, foreign property should not be purchased during these last two months of 2018.


Leos love money, and you excel at managing it well. 2022 will be a year filled with plenty of joy in terms of finances: your earnings and spending both look strong, although be wary about spending too freely – however the first quarter won’t be ideal for investments.

As Chiron, Mercury, and Jupiter form an harmonious trine with your sign, it presents you with the chance to improve your skills and broaden your horizons. It may help strengthen your belief in reaching for the stars while having positive repercussions for intimate matters as well. Your generous and compassionate nature helps you see opportunities where others might see only obstacles.

However, 2019 won’t be your usual year as Neptune and Saturn square your solar tenth house and can cause confusion or an excessively spiritual approach that leads to unrealistic expectations of people around you. Additionally, it may become harder for you to distinguish your personal needs and goals from those of those close to you.

Leo, you should seize this opportunity of the New Moon of July 28 to show the world your talents and share them. Your gifts could make a significant impactful contribution!

As for romance, this year will bring easier opportunities to open your heart to a romantic partner. Jupiter’s yearlong stay in Libra will have a beneficial effect on your relationships sector of your chart, helping to balance work/play life balances as well as love/relationships issues. Eclipses that take place this year also allow healing old wounds or closing on old issues more effectively than before.

If there’s been an ancestral property dispute in your family for an extended period of time, this year may bring peace. Not only that but lunar transits in the third quarter should help you buy a new car and end of year gains will come in your service sector too!


2022 provides an ideal time and place for Virgos to embark on projects that could have a transformative effect in their life. You may also gain the opportunity to strengthen their relating and negotiation abilities, especially when it comes to relationships – this year can also bring new partnerships or bring fresh energy into existing ones.

Beginning of 2019 is challenging for Virgo as Mercury moves back into Capricorn from January 25 to February 3, marking its inaugural retrograde of 2019. Over three weeks, Mercury retrograde may remind you to revisit projects requiring greater self-examination or lead to costly miscommunication and delays.

Once Mercury stations retrograde, the Moon enters your sign as emotional support and can help keep you strong under its challenging influence. She allies with lucky Jupiter while your revolutionary sign ruler, Mars, aligns favorably with instinctual Neptune before landing in an advantageous sextile with social Pluto for increased growth potential.

Jupiter and Saturn’s recent retrogrades to your sixth house of routine should leave you prepared to embrace more freedom in personal matters this 2022. However, with Mercury and Venus squarely aligned in your partnership zone from April 30 to May 23 you could find yourself drawn towards someone that you shouldn’t but simply cannot resist. Stop fighting it; love will find its way into your destiny, no matter if you try to resist it. After Mercury retrograde passes from October 23 to November 10, an uncertain state will envelop both work and career life until late November – whether its your boss firing you or someone from your past coming back into it all again, there will be much upheaval ahead in terms of career pursuits and relationships. Take a deep breath – things may get back to normal soon enough!

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