Earth Facts – Interesting Facts About the Earth

Earth is a planet in our solar system. It is the only planet not named after a god and is the most dense planet in the […]

How the Moon Phases and Tides Affect the Oceans

One of the main things we know about the moon is that it changes phases throughout a month. This changes the way the moon looks in […]

What Quarter is the Moon in?

The moon rotates around Earth in a cycle of eight phases. Each phase illuminates a different portion of the Moon’s surface. The New Moon is essentially […]

What Are the Moon Phases This Month?

The Moon goes through a series of appearance phases as it orbits our Earth. These appearance changes occur because of the way the Moon’s hemisphere is […]

The Moon Phase on 30 December 1995

The moon phase on 30 december 1995 is Waxing Gibbous. It’s the first phase after the New Moon and is visible through most of the night. […]

Where is the Moon Phase Today?

Every month, the Moon goes through a series of phases. Each one offers a different opportunity or energy to work with. Keeping track of the moon […]

What Is the Moon Phase on My Birthday?

Whether you’re a moon fanatic or simply a curious astronomer, you probably know that the phases of the moon have a profound influence on our lives. […]

How Are the Moon Phases Caused?

The Moon goes through a cycle of phases each month that changes our view of it based on its position in relation to the Earth and […]

How Many Moon Phases in a Year

Moon phases are a product of the Moon’s orbit around Earth, which allows different parts of the Moon to be illuminated by the Sun. Four primary […]
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